Best 120mm PC case Fans 2022

As gaming obsession getting famous day by day, everyone wants to get their gaming rig to outclass every other gaming rig in the market.

So people usually with this mentality do a lot of research in “how games could run more smoothly and without any lag and jittering”.

A gaming PC made of a lot of gaming components which separates it from normal day to day or office work computers.

Main thing which differ it from its competitors or normal computers is “how to get thermals low”.  The more the thermal of CPU will be low, the more it will perform and run smoothly.

What it takes to make a gaming rig CPU temperature low?

There’s a lot of product which lies in different ranges price vise and specs vise.

PC case fans are one of them, Bigger the fan and you will get the jitter free gaming experience of life time.

Even you are a gamer or a hardcore workstation person, or you are kind of person who does a lot of work on Your PC.

Then you are surely facing that your PC generates a lot of heat and as we discussed, heating makes your gaming rig to run slowly.

Now here’s a question rises, what to buy for thermal solutions and what to not because there is great number of products in online market places even in offline market too.

But problem is it’s not that easy to buy best PC cases fans.  Because number companies releasing PC case fans products on weekly basis. So it’s way difficult to select a right case fan from right place and more difficult to get a perfect one which can perfectly match your performance needs.

In this modern or we can say that gaming pop era, people like to buy colorful Case fans and on the other hand some professional people like to buy a quitter case fan so they can do their work without any attenuation. So we can say that Different people with different choices.

What you need to do before buying a Best PC case fan?

Well everyone needs to put a little bit research before buying a 120mm case fan. The things which you should need to consider before buying a PC case fan are:

Do you need a fancy or nimble PC fan?

A wide range of PC cases are out there in the market, some of them provides visual of your fan while running. So if you own such kind of PC case then you should consider the case fan with best visual effects which looks more pleasant to look at such as RGB PC case fans. Because it makes your PC more good looking and provides a YOO kick.

But one the other hand if you own a PC case which lies on the professional side then you need to consider a much silent case fan which can silently maintain thermals of your PC at low range.

Other Things to look at before buying a PC case fan

You need to check connector type of your mother board as a large range of variety of mother boards are out there in the market. There are generally 3 types of connector in every mother board, 2 Pin, 3 pin and 4 pin connectors.

The 4 pin connector is mainly used in gaming rigs or in work stations because it can extract more power from the mother board because of its greater number of pins as compared to other two connectors.

So it allows users to control a PC case fan in more efficient way and it provides much more cooling as compared to its competitors.

You should also familiar with dimensions of your PC case so that you know what you need to buy in terms of size and dimensions

Always look for trustworthy brand never get hassle for cheaper products because cheaper products burn with no time.

Now last thing is consider to here is what size of case do you own? Bigger the case and you will able to get to fit a bigger case fan in your case.

You should consider here 120 mm case fan due to its optimal size between  200mm and 80mm case fans, and its provides more control to you for getting thermals of your PC low.

Best 120mm Case Fan to buy in 2022

So in this article, we try to provide you best information regarding 120mm case fan and we will make sure that what you should need to look at before buying a 120mm PC case fan. Our aim is making our visitors life easy by assisting them via this article.

So now we are going to have a brief look at top range 120mm case fan, we will discuss their salient features and pros and cons.

11. Cooler Master JetFlo 120 

Cooler Master JetFlo 120

This fan is bit loud but if you manage to limit their speed via cable management or from BIOS setting then this fan is just able to low your CPU thermals by 5C.

The main reason behind to build Cooler master JetFlo 120mm to provide pocket rocket performance. It comes with both LED and non LED variants.

The LED options impresses with its option of light range of BLUE, RED and WHITE which fades in or fades out according to CPU load.

As we discussed this fan is bit noisy so it comes with two fan RPM options

  1. 1200 RPM with 19 decibels(DBA) level
  2. 1600 RPM with 28 decibels(DBA) level

As it is manufactured from a well know company Cooler Master, so it comes with a high efficiency motor and add on this fan comes with dust and water resistance, very low voltage to start and polarity proof.

The Company introduces a unique feature for this fan which is known as “Smart Jam”. Every Cooler master comes standard with this feature. This feature allows this fan to slow down whenever it feels any resistance in the fan, and once you removed the resistance which puts fan in “Smart Jam”, Boom Cooler Master JetFlo 120mm is again good to go to low your CPU thermals.

Despite of its ultra thin design, the powerful sports ultra thing blades of this fan gives an outrageous performance and with its Smart jam feature, you will never go wrong to buy this amazing product.

Cons of Cooler Master jetFlo 120mm case fan

Pros of Cooler Master jetFlo 120mm case fan

  • Light weight design 18.1 g only
  • 120mm fan size
  • Operates on low voltages, 4.8 watts only
  • Rubber Pads along side of fan cover which absorb vibrations and reduces fan noise
  • Operates on 1200 RPM and 1600 RPM
  • Great Airflow, 95 CFM(Cubic feet per Minute )
  • LED and Non Led Variants
  • Light weight and modern POM bearing
  • Smart Jamming Feature
  • Auto-Run after Smart Jamming
  • Dust and Water Resistant
  • Polarity Less
  • POM(polyoxymethylene) Bearing , which is light weight and lasting
  • Supports 4 pin connector

Cons of Cooler Master jetFlo 120mm case fan

  • Fitting of this fan is not as much easy as compared to its competitors
  • This fan produces much more noise as compared to other 120mm case fan
  • Rubber in screw holes is a headache to get rid of

10. Rosewill 120mm Long Life ROCF-13001


As Rosewill uses a long life sleeve bearing so this is commonly known as Rosewill 120mm Long Life .This case fan from Rosewill is best value of your money.

It is equally popular in gamers and as well as professional workers like video editors due to its very low noise to performance ratio, even in heavy loads, this fan performs with full ease and produces almost zero noise.

Moreover this fan stands alongside with best case manufacturers in term of its build quality such as CORSAIR or Cooler Master.

This fan also operates in two RPM ranges

  1. 1200 RPM with 22 decibels(dBA)
  2. 1300 RPM with 22.5 decibels(dBA)

This fan comes with dual connectors, a 3 pin connector to connect with mother board and 4 pin connector to extract power from PSU . This fan features a seven blades architecture which easily can pull 38.2 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) air flow.

Unlike most of the Cooler Master products, this Rosewill 120mm case fan comes with a Sleeve Bearing which extends time span of this fan by a great margin and this bearing is almost maintenance free.

Pros of Rosewill 120mm Long Life

  • Supports two voltages, 12V DC while maximum load and 7V DC for startup
  • Operates on two RPM’s
  • 120 mm fan size
  • Long Life Sleeve Bearing
  • Dual power Heads, 3 and 4 pin
  • Super Silent but efficient
  • Low Priced as compared to its competitors

Cons Of Rosewill 120mm Long Life

  • Due to its lower RPM ranges its sometimes under performs in long sessions of gaming
  • Although Rosewill 120mm Long Sleeve is made up of quality material but it looks cheap as compared to its competitors
  • It comes with no RGB options
  • Not comes with PWM fans
  • Very quiet but it comes with a price of very little airflow

9. Nocuta 120mm model no.NF-S12A

Nocuta S12

This brand becomes popular with no time in gaming rigs and 120mm case fan for PC and credit goes to Nocuta 120mm NF-S12A. It is not odd to say that now this brand can easily compete with top kings of markets like CORSAIR and Cooler Master.

This fan lies under the 3rd generation of Nocuta S12 case fan series and this generation wows the world by winning almost 250 awards from around the globe.

This fan is all meant to reduce your PC noise as low as possible and this fan can change its RPM’s itself due to an automatic low noise adapter from 1200 RPM to 900 RPM depending on the thermals of your CPU.

Nocuta 120mm NF-S12A even outclasses its competitors when it comes to perform according to noise to performance ratio.

This fan comes with a brown color build and PWM fans, which are also top notch performers in their class.

This fan can pull 10 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow which is quite low but it’s also a reason behind its silent operation.

Pros of Nocuta 120mm NF-S12A

  • Comes with One of the best 3rd generation PWM fans
  • 120mm fan size
  • Supports 4 Pin connector
  • Supports 4 Pin PWM fan headers which can control RPM’s from 300 to 900 (max 1300 ) using Low – Noise Adaptor
  • Noise when Low Noise Adaptor isn’t working 17.8 decibels(dBA)
  • Noise when Low noise Adaptor is working 10.7 decibels(dBA)
  • Comes with 2 Colors options
  • It comes with anti vibration mounts
  • It can supports 2 fans on same PWM header simultaneously
  •  Supremely Silent  even under heavy Load
  • Comes with SS02 bearing
  • Build very premium
  • It is even 8% more quitter as compared to its best competitors in this range
  • Operate on 12V DC

Cons of Nocuta 120mm NF-S12A

  • Due to its very little airflow as compared to its competitors its getting degraded between gamers
  • Nocuta 120mm NF-S12A is good for normal computers, but it can’t control very hugh thermals of CPU while long gaming sessions.
  • Comes with no RGB options

8. Antec TrueQuiet 120

AntecQuiet Fan

If want to sum up Antec Quiet 120mm in three words, then these words will be no other than Quiet, easy to install and amazing performance.

Antec TrueQuit 120 comes with a standard switch, which allows you to control its fan speed on the go and you can set RPM’s of the fan by just toggling this switch with full ease and installation is also a breeze due to its tool less mounting screws which comes standard with Antec TrueQuiet 120.

It comes with a silicon body design and thin blades which enhances its ability to absorb the vibrations as much as it can. Antec TrueQuiet 120mm also builds with premium materials like its competitors Cooler Master and CORSAIR.

The color combination of this fan is dark grey which also grabs a lot of attention.

But like other case fans Antec TrueQuiet 120 also loses ground on some features like it has fan speed range only from 600 RPM to max 1000 RPM which is way less than its competitors.

This fan is better to setup where you want to work with full silence. Antec TrueQuit 120 isn’t suitable for long gaming sessions.

Pros of Antec TrueQuiet 120

  • Cheap and value for money
  • 2-way switch to control the fan speed
  • 2- RPM settings
  • Low 600 RPM with 8.9 decibels (dBA) pushing minimum 21.5 CFM(Cubic feet per Minute) Air Flow
  • High 1000 RPM with 19.9 decibels(dBA) pushing maximum 35.8 CFM(Cubic feet per Minute) Air Flow
  • Comes standard with Tool-less mounting screws which enables user to install Antec TrueQuiet 120mm with no time.
  • It comes with 2 variants a standard variant and a pro variant.

Cons of Antec TrueQuiet 120

  • Comes with 3 pin adaptor where its competitors providing 4 pin adaptors
  • Difficult to install where mounting arrangements need screws for installation of case fans.
  • Not suitable for long term gaming sessions
  • Comes with No RGB options

7. Thermaltake Riing 120mm

Thermaltake riing fan for PC

Thermaltake riing 120mm is another very well renowned case fan among gaming community due to its looks, performance and extended warranty which is top in class in respect of price we pay for it.

It provides a YOO factor whenever we look at it, because it comes with a Soild LED ring which lightness its whole body unlike other fans which comes standard with LED’s in the center.

This comes with multiple LED option like white, green, and red and blue, everyone can pick color of their choice. 

Thermaltake Riing 120mm is famous due to its wind blocking frame which helps to reduce static air pressure which plays an amazing role to control noise.

Besides its visual aspects, Thermaltake Riing 120mm is a great performer when it comes to performance. Thermaltake120mm comes standard with a self lubricating bearing which together with a wind blocking frame gives an outstanding performance to noise ratio.

Thermaltake Riing 120mm runs at max 1500 RPM with only producing noise at only 24.6 decibels (dBA). The thing which makes it a great performer besides its noise controlling aspects is its great airflow.
It gives 51.1 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) static air pressure which plays important role to bring down CPU thermals.

Due to its Riing architecture Thermaltake120mm is best to mount on radiators as well because it pulls a great air pressure.

 Pros of Thermaltake Riing 120mm

  • Comes with CCB (Concentrated Compression Blade) blades which play an important role to put static pressure on demanding applications
  • Wind Blocking Frame for maximum static Pressure
  • Self Lubricating Bearing which reduce noise for significant margin
  • Operates on 1500 RPM with noise level only of 24.6 decibels(dBA) and supports a Low Noise Cable which can reduce noise level even more from 24.6 decibels(dBA)to 18.7 decibels(dBA)
  • Comes standard with anti vibration  system
  • Supports Low Noise Cable(LNC)
  • Four LED options for improving aesthetics
  • Comes Standard with a whopping 3 year warrant
  • Builds with high quality materials
  • Static Air Pressure

Cons of Thermaltake Riing 120mm

  • No PWM fan and also supports a 3 pin connector while competitors are offering 4 Pin headers in this price range
  • Length of Low Noise Cable (LNC) is bit short for normal users.

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6. Thermaltake Luna 120mm

another Thermaltake fan

Here comes another Thermaltake fan. Thermaltake Luna 120mm case fan is famous among gamers due to its flexibility options.

It comes with a 3 pin header, but it can work with a 4 pin header without any problem though. Thermaltake Luna 120mm is also the best-looking case fan among its competitors.

Like other Thermaltake case fans, this fan also comes standard with an anti-vibration mounting system.

Thermaltake Luna 120mm features a self lubricating hydraulic bearing which lowers the fan noise by a great margin even under an extreme load; Thermaltake Luna 120mm produces a very low noise.

This case fan is built with high-quality materials which puts this fan alongside top kings of the market like CORSAIR and Cooler Master.

Thermaltake Luna 120mm features curve fan blades, which provide the best airflow at low noise.

Pros of Thermaltake Luna 120mm

  • Big frame which allows more air to come at high pressure
  • Self-lubricating long-lasting bearing
  • Comes Standard with Double Curved fan
  • Operates on max 1400 RPM producing only 24 decibels(dBA) noise
  • RPM’s can be controlled via motherboard
  • Comes in 3 eye-catching colors (red, white, blue) and Also features 3 LED options along with body-color options

Cons of Thermaltake Luna 120mm

  • No Physical toggling switch to increase or decrease RPM
  • Sometimes it produces vibrations and rattles for no known reasons
  • Produces a bit more noise as compared to its competitors

5. NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance

NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance fan

When it comes to kick in lowest voltage possible NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance is king in this range, because it can start only at 5V DC. NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance features a Rifle Bearing which lowers the noise to performance ration and also a pretty durable bearing.

NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance features 8 ant vibration pads as standard to overcome the noise and turbulence. NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance supports a 3 pin header but also can run easily on a 4 pin header as well.

NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance comes with white blades and dark body which improves its aesthetics and also supports sleeved cables which gives NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance an ultimate edge on its competitors 

NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance can run on maximum 1200 RPM which is quite reasonable in given price and produces only 21 decibels (dBA) noise while pushing 45 CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) air flow.

Pros of NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance 

  • Features a Rifle Bearing
  • Kick started on 5V DC
  • Operates on 1200 RPM at marginally low voltage as compared to competitors’
  • Considerable airflow 45CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Comes standard with anti vibration Pads
  • Two Years warranty ensures your Safety and Makes you hassle Free

Cons of NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance

  • Produces clicking Noise without any reason
  • Many customers reported sudden burn out cases of NZXT FN V2 120mm Performance
  • Comes with no LED or RGB option as standard
  • Rattling cases also reported by customers when you  point it towards North

4. Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2

Awesome Quality, extremely quit and highly build, yes we are talking about Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing case fan here. Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing

 very much low in the price as compared to its competitors and price per performance ratio which is offering by Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing. Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes standard with longer wires which makes connectivity a breeze.

Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing features PWM PST connecting option which is also an achievement in given price. PST allows you to connect multipoint fans using only single header or pin, so you can easily manage 5 Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing per single header.

PWM allows motherboard to manage the speed of fan by its own which makes users hassle free. It can easily operate between 350 to 1300 RPM and can push almost 40 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow and produces a very low noise valued at 22.5 decibels (dBA) only for getting these numbers its fluid dynamic bearing plays an important role.

In the end to ensure customer satisfaction, Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes with a mind-boggling 6 years warranty.

Pros of Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing

  • Lightweight, extremely quiet and build with premium materials
  • Supports PWM and PST functionalities
  • Comes standard with a fluid dynamic bearing which enhances its life span and reduces fan noise
  • Super Quit
  • Whopping 6 years warranty
  • Supports 4 pin PWM fan as standard

Cons of Arctic F12 PWM Rev 2 Fluid Dynamic Bearing

  • PWM syncing is not as reliable as compared to competitors
  • Comes with no LED or RGB option
  • Some users claimed a strong whine noise during long term computing sessions

3. Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing

Cooler Master StickleFlow

If you are in computer building, upgrading and repairing then you surely heard about the brand name Cooler Master. Cooler Master provides one of the best cooling experience when it comes to low CPU thermals.

Cooler Master is equally popular between gamers and professional users. If you are looking for a 120mm PC case fan from a trustworthy brand then considering Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing will never disappoint you.

If you are looking for a value for money and inexpensive fan which can manage your PC thermals easily then you should surely go for Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing. Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing comes standard with LED option.

Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing features a sleeve bearing as from the name; it can run up to 2000 RPM and can push whopping 70 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow and produces only 19 decibels (dBA) of noise. Cooler Master guaranteed of its 50,000 long life hours.

This is one of the best gaming case fans in a given price point. Cooler Master has also recommended Suitable PC cases for Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing to get max output from it like V10, V8, Hyper 212, Hyper Z600, Gemini, Cosmos, Cosmos S, HAF 932, HAF 922, CM storm Scout and Sniper.

Pros of Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing 

  • Features LED option as standard in Red, Green and Blue
  • RPM’s can be controlled via hardware buttons on supporting PC cases
  • Life span of whopping 50,000 working hours
  • Comes with 4 pin connector
  • Operates at 2000 RPM and produces only 19 decibels(dBA) noise while pushing a 70 CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow
  • Comes Under a trust worthy brand name, Cooler Master
  • Very Famous among gamers

 Cons of Cooler Master StickleFlow 120 Sleeve Bearing 

  • No PWM option
  • RPM’s Cannot be controlled via motherboard or Cooler Master software
  •  Sleeve Bearing, which does not have life span of its competitors

 2. Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120mm Quiet Edition High Airflow LED Fan

Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED

When it comes gaming, gaming rigs and gaming components the name which comes in our mind all of sudden is Corsair. Corsair is pretty popular among in gaming enthusiasts due to its wide range and variety of Gaming components, and when it comes to deal CPU thermals and PC case fans corsair provides some of the best case fans among the competition.

Corsair Air Series is one of the best case fans out in market to buy, Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120mm Quiet Edition was also introduced under the banner of Corsair Air series. Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition comes not only with multiple LED options but also due to its translucent, frosted fan blades, it just provides an amazing view.

Besides looks Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition features a sleeve bearing. Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition pushes a great airflow by keeping 3 cm distance between fan and the objects where it need to be installed.

Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition can push a significant amount of air-flow valued around 52.19 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) at 1500 RPM and produces only noise level of 25.2 decibels(dBA).

Along with airflow Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition manages to keep 0.75mm of static pressure which is also a big achievement in given price point. Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition features ¾ pin headers and can operate between 5V DC to 12V DC.

Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition comes in packing of 1 and 2 fans from the Corsair. Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition can push air in or extract air from the case by just changing the settings from Corsair software.

So if you want to give your PC killer looks and want to get a positive vibe whenever you look upon your PC and also want to get rocket like performance then it is not wrong to say that Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition will worth each penny you spend on it.

Pros of Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm case fan Quiet Edition

  • Launched under the banner of Corsair, which means great support from the factory end
  • Can move a decent amount of air pressure along with static pressure
  • Features multiple LED option like Red, Green and Blue
  • Operates on 5V DC for normal usage and for long term gaming sessions it can easily be operates on 12V DC to give maximum performance
  • Comes with 9 ultra thin fan blades which are translucent and frosted
  • Features a sleeved bearing which not only reduces noise but also greaten the life of fan by significant margin
  • LED lights give dramatic effect when it passed from frosted fan blades
  • Easy to install and universal screws comes standard along fan

Cons of Corsair Air Series AF-120 LED 120 mm Quiet Edition

  • No PWM or PST support
  • RPM’s can’t be controlled via motherboard
  • In long term usage LED shoes flickering sometime
  • Comes only one LED light/Color per fan, No RGB support
  • Under Heavy load it becomes bit noisy

1. Corsair ML120 Pro

Corsair ML120 Pro

As we heard you only get what you pay for, this quote becomes true when we have look at Corsair ML120 Pro. Corsair ML120 Pro is a complete package of preciousness and performance. It takes a time when we start to count features of Corsair ML120 Pro because this fan has so much to offer and as we know it belongs to Corsair means quality would be top notch. It is not wrong to say Corsair becomes king in PC case a fan due to it’s highly builds case fans and Corsair ML120 Pro is also no exception.

Now let’s have a look over Corsair ML120 Pro salient features.

Corsair ML120 Pro comes standard with magnetic bearing which is best in the class, Corsair introduced magnetic levitation technology which enables Corsair ML120 Pro to operate on as low noise as possible, at maximum performance and gives it a longer lifespan.

Corsair designed a custom rotor for Corsair ML120 Pro which gives an impressive airflow as well as static pressure. Moreover Corsair ML120 Pro can be setup at multiple RPM ranges it can go from 400 to 2400 RPM which are impressive numbers to achieve.

Corsair ML120 Pro features corner mounted rubber dampers as standard and rubber dampers can also be changed over period of time to keep its noise and vibrations as low as possible and these rubber dampers can also be bought in the same color of your Corsair ML120 Pro.

Corsair ML120 Pro available in different color ranges like Red, White and Blue.

Corsair ML120 Pro features translucent frosted fan blades which allow LED light to pass from these blades which improves aesthetics of this fan and your build.

Pros of Corsair ML120 Pro

  • Comes with magnetic bearings which enhances it performance by great margin
  • Custom Rotor Design by Corsair for a longer life span
  • Wide Control Range of RPM which allows user to have fully control on total silence to total performance, Operates on minimum 400 RPM to Maximum 2400 RPM
  • Changeable Rubber Dampers absorb vibrations and turbulences
  • 8 Frosted fan blades
  • Features Changeable LED colors

Cons of Corsair ML120 Pro

  • Bit expensive to buy
  • Becomes very noisy at max RPM
  • Size is on bit large side

Why you need to upgrade your PC or gaming rig to 120mm case fan?

As we discuss in the start of article that intense gaming and long gaming sessions becoming popular by leaps and bounds. There is term in PC world “CPU throttling”. CPU throttling not allows a CPU to perform on its peak values so PC becomes jittery and starts lagging during long gaming sessions and CPU throttles when it gets overheated.

So a case fan is need of time because it manages to pull or push maximum airflow in your PC case so that thermals remain low.

There are lots of other solutions to get over this problem like water cooling but every other solution also needs a case fan to operate properly so it is a necessity to install a case fan to get smooth performance without any jitter and lag.

There are lots of brands that are selling case fans in the market and there is no proper information about how to have a good case fan.

So in this article we try guide the buyer’s about the best of the best case fans available in the market. Our article is covering different aspects of a case fan like its RPM, Airflow capacity, and noise to performance ratios and most importantly prices of these case fans.

You can get assistance from a cheaper to a premium fan from here.

So get assistance from our article whenever you need to buy a 120 mm case fan.

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