5 best budget PC cases-Get affordable PC cases

If you have the passion to build gaming PC and do not have enough budget for an overpriced component you would probably want to cut back on the PC case.

If you are looking for the best budget PC case you are in the right place. The computer cases that you use have a direct impact on the cooling process of your system but it will definitely not have any benefit for your system’s performance or any other components attached to it.

The case is the only part where you can control the amount of money spent because there are good quality cases at an affordable price that can provide the required airflow and necessary cooling to the system.

There are many PC cases that look absolutely stunning but do not let the design lure you to buy an expensive case because that can completely disrupt your budget.

Here are some of the options of budget-friendly cases that might help you find you are looking for:

The 5 best budget PC cases

  • Raidmax ZETA
  • Aerocool Cylon
  • Cougar MX330-G
  • Corsair Carbide 275R
  • Thermaltake Core V1

These PC cases are not only affordable but also provide the design that you need to make your gaming PC look stunning too.

Raidmax ZETA

Despite its lesser price this PC case comes with a tempered glass side panel and is one of the best cheap pc cases that you can find.

It is not much popular but this will do more than you have paid for as you get a tempered glass panel which is completely not possible for a PC case which costs less than $50.

If you are someone who only cares about the proper airflow and minimalistic design then this can be your perfect choice you do not have to spend a lot but you will get more than you have expected.

It is also known as the best budget tempered PC case available in the market.

Raidmax ZETA also has a grilled front panel that will help the PC to get the right airflow it needs and it also has a full-length PSU shroud too if you like to keep things neater.

If you are someone who uses the non-modular power supply you can just hide all the excess wires under the shroud and the place will not look messy.

You will get a very good looking PC case and also the features that you need at an affordable price. Let us take a look at what this PC case has more to offer:

Features of Raidmax ZETA

  • It has a tempered glass panel which is great for a PC case at this price range
  • It can hold graphics card and a CPU coolers as long as 15.4” and tall as 6.5” respectively
  •  So you have all the liberty to choose any AIO cooler available in the market and fix it because any of them will fill in this dimension of space allotted for it.
  • This PC case can also hold 360mm long radiators which can be fitted on top of the case which is really great addition to its features.


  • GPU length of 15.4”’
  • Can hold 15.4” long graphics card
  • Can hold 6.5” tall CPU coolers
  • Affordable and has features
  • Can fit any AIO cooler available


  • The Audio jack gives a lower sound quality sometimes
  • Available only in black color

Aerocool Cylon

Similar to the Raidmax brand even this brand does not have much recognition that it deserves because they provide the best features that an expensive PC case can give you so there is not much to complain about them.

The customers who have bought both of these cases have been more than just happy to invest as low as $50 to get their hands on a premium looking PC case.

Aerocool Cylon is the best budget gaming case that will provide you with a great design and also features like a full-length PSU shroud that will really helpful for fitting in the excess wires.

You also get an acrylic side panel and an RGB strip on the front panel that extends from the bottom to the top of the panel.

You are also provided with a good amount of space to fit in the CPU coolers and the radiators.

The Aerocool Cylon can hold a 14.6” long graphics card and a 6.1” CPU cooler which is a little less than the previous one but it can also accommodate a 240mm radiator in the front case.

This is also one of the best looking PC cases now we will look at some of the features that the case has to offer:

Features of Aerocool Cylon

  • You can install two fans of 120mm on tHE pc shroud that ensures the heat is removed properly
  • It has an acrylic side panel which is great for a PC case under $50
  • It has a great design and looks that complement your gaming PC
  • It can hold a 14.6” long graphics card and a 6.1” CPU cooler.


  • It is Mid Tower
  • Has a GPU length of 14.6”
  • Cooler height of 6.1” at affordable price


  • The solid front panel does not allow proper airflow
  • Lack of ventilation in the front panel can be a downside

Cougar MX330-G

You have already seen the features of Raidmax ZETA and even this PC case offers the same features but there is a strong competition of price here. The same features will be available to you at $40 that is $10 less than the price of the former.

You have almost all the features that you need including the tempered glass side panel and a grilled front panel that allows the efficient flow of air through them. You also get the full-length PSU shroud for all your cabling needs.

The MX330-G will change your perception about the gaming PC cases being very expensive because if you can get all the features that you require to build a good gaming PC in just $40 then don’t you think it is the best option available to you?

Building a budget system is no more a dream and you can build with the best budget computer case that is available at affordable prices. The best feature of this PC case is that it can accommodate even an RTX 2080 Ti which takes up a space of 12.8 inches for GPU.

This cannot get any better the deal that you have here is worth buying and also you do not have to lose much of your savings too.

Since PC cases are the only way in which you can cut back on the overall cost for building a system this option can help you achieve your target.

Features of Cougar MX330-G

  • GPU length is as much as 12.8”
  • Maximum cooler height is almost 6.1”
  • The form factor the PC case is mid-tower
  • It is much affordable and gives similar features of a high-end PC case


  • Affordable for most of the customers
  • Can be found in E-commerce websites
  • Has more GPU space than most of the PC cases
  • Can accommodate even large graphics card


  • Is not very spacious like its counterparts
  • The delivery of this product can take a long time

Corsair Carbide 275R

It is the best budget ATX case and has a lot of good features too for those who like to have a minimalistic design in their cases this could be their perfect choice.

This PC case is Corsair brand’s best design and also the features provided are good for the price you pay. There is no additional branding all over the case and that gives a much cleaner look to the design of the case, unlike the other branded PC cases.

It supports a 360mm radiator and a 120mm fan which is a necessary feature. This case is a good choice for a beginner or an advanced user who wants to build their system.

Features of Corsair Carbide 275R

  • You will get a full-length dust filter that builds your system’s resistance to dust
  • You will get great cooling support and airflow so that your system does not heat up
  • The form factor of the case is mid-tower and can accommodate most of the components
  • Supports mini-ATX, ATX motherboard so you do not have to worry about it
  • It has I/O ports for mic/audio and also 2 USB ports of 3.0 version.


  • The mid-tower form factor of the case
  • The minimalistic branding around the case
  • Support for ATX motherboards and spacious area for components
  • The great cooling capacity of the fans
  • 360mm radiator and 120mm fans


  • Costlier than the other PC cases
  • Does not have enough space to hide the wires

Thermaltake Core V1

If you are looking for a PC case that is both compact and has enough space to accommodate the components then this is the best budget gaming pc case that has both these features.

The surprising fact is that this case is affordable and has a price of less than $50. It is worth mentioning in the top 5 PC cases that are affordable and worth the price you pay because of its features.

This PC case comes in a cube style design and is also a mini-ITX case that can be your choice. Even after having a compact size, this case can hold a graphics card which has a height of almost 11.2” which is not at all bad for the price you will be paying.

You can also fit a 5.5” tall CPU coolers but there is a certain drawback to this because you will not be able to accommodate a taller heat sink or a longer graphics card.

But you can buy many of the low-profile CPU coolers or graphics cards that can give you satisfactory results. Since this has a mini-ITX form factor you will only be able to it in a mini-ITX motherboard which can disappoint some users who want to fit in an ATX.

If you want a PC case that can help you with your budget and your space then you can surely go for this case without any second thoughts.

Features of Thermaltake Core V1

  • The maximum cooler length is 5.5”
  • The maximum GPU size is 11.2”
  • Much affordable than any other PC cases
  • The form factor of this PC case is mini-ITX which is responsible for its compact design
  • It will not take much of your space


  • Allows the airflow to reduce heating up
  • Can accommodate mini-ITX motherboard
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly PC case
  • Supports to build a small form factor gaming PC


  • Does not support ATX
  • Cannot hold a graphics card with a length more than 5.5”
  • Supports only low profile CPU coolers and graphics cards

These were the features of some of the best budget-friendly PC cases for your need. Any user who wants to build a system for gaming purposes can choose from one of these cases because they are affordable as well as spacious.

These cases will cater to the needs of the user who wants to build a cost-effective system. Let us look at some other details of choosing the best PC case:

Guide to buy the best budget PC case to build your system

You have probably seen the 5 best budget PC cases that you can buy to build your system now it is time for you to know how to choose the best PC cases.

There are certain aspects that you need to consider if you are planning on buying them and they are listed below:

The size of your PC case matters

 If you want all the major components needed to build your system in the PC case the most important aspect will be a spacious case.

Most of the cases that are mentioned above provide enough space for the components and ATX motherboards to fit inside the case.

The mid-tower form factor is the most common and will accommodate most of your components so you do not have to worry about them at all.

The affordability and features

You should not compromise with the features for a cheap pc case but you can buy the best PC case at affordable prices.

You can read the reviews of the best PC cases and also find out the features that suit your budget too. You should choose a case that is priced below $60 and has two fans to get your system cool enough for the components to work fine.

You can buy a mid-tower pc case with enough space for the GPU and the CPU cooler.

The design and build of the PC case

Make sure you get the value for your money by buying a case that is aesthetically designed and makes your system look good.

If you are only worried about the spaciousness then you can probably switch looks for space but if you want the design then you should probably choose on this aspect.

The management of your excess cables

You probably do not want your system to look messy with a lot of wires all around it.

The cables should have their space to be fitted in and here is where the full-length PSU shroud comes into play you can hide all your cables under it. You should look for cases with this feature to get the look that you want for your system fewer cables means a cleaner looking system.

Integrated lighting

If you are someone who loves a little lighting that is inbuilt and comes with your case then you should probably be looking for the integrated lighting in your PC case.

You can also customize the lighting in the later stage when you feel like putting a little show with your system.

The I/O ports

The PC cases do have the provision of I/O ports for audio in the front panel and a USB port either a USB 3.0 or a Type-C USB.

The I/O ports are the additional requirements to connect external hardware devices with your system.

Removable motherboard tray

For convenience, you can also choose a removable motherboard tray so that you do not have difficulty in setting up and removing the motherboard.

These aspects might be very minute but paying attention to them makes the building of your system much easier.

Dust filters with your PC case

If you want to void the accumulation of dust inside the system you need to buy a case that already has dust filters.

This can help in keeping the insides of the system clean and you will not face any issues due to it.

Dust can cause more damage than you know they can constrict the airflow and also coat your components which may not allow them to work properly, therefore, it is necessary to look for a PC case with dust filters.

Soundproofing in PC cases

Some of you may not like the annoying sound of the fan inside the system and always want a silent operation of the fan.

This is not a necessity for some but soundproofing can help you work and also play some games in piece without those noises.

Some of the PC cases are built with soundproofing materials that do not allow th sound to escape.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying the best PC cases

Should I buy extra fans for my PC case? Mostly the two fans that are placed at the top of the PSU will be fine for your case and most of the PC cases already provide the feature so you need not buy any extra fans. But if you think that your system needs to cool down even more you can think of buying an extra fan.

Why do I need a larger space for GPU? Mostly the graphics card can have the length of almost 14.6” which means that you need to have at least that much space to accommodate your graphics card otherwise, it will be difficult to fit your graphics card.

What factors should I consider before buying a PC case? You have to think of the length of your graphics card, the size of your CPU cooler, and make sure that it accommodates the main components that you need to build the system. You can also choose from a plethora of cases available online.

Will my ATX motherboard fit in the case? It completely depends on the specification of the case that you have chosen but most of the PC cases can accommodate an mATX that should not be an issue at all.

Can all the cases fit any kind of motherboard? It completely depends on the manufacturer but this is not possible because there are various form factors available and it is not possible to make one form factor that fits all kinds of motherboard.


The PC cases are an important aspect of the overall design of the system but will not enhance any of the system functionality but only ensure that there is enough airflow to remove the heat and also provides I/O ports for device connectivity.

You also know the various aspects that you should keep in mind while you buy a PC case and there were also some answers for the frequently asked questions by the users.

It is not very difficult to find a good PC case if you know the right things to look for. You should be able to make a wise choice when it comes to the case because this is the only part of the system in which you can lower your entire budget.

If you are someone who loves to build systems for gaming then the first thing that comes to your mind is colorful and a case with great design this might only lead you to make wrong decisions.

So next time when you plan to buy a PC case make sure you keep these things in mind.

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