The Best Kingdom Come: Deliverance Console Commands

Console commands give players the power over the game by allowing them to manipulate the game according to their will. Kingdom comes Deliverance is the Role Playing Game, which can also be manipulated according to your wish using the console commands.

You will be provided with the best console commands that can help you win this medieval RPG game easily, but you should also know when and where to use the appropriate commands.

The recent release of the game has removed some of the commands, but you can still use some of the commands for your advantage since the game already has a few glitches.

You should be able to take care of other variables using these commands.

What are console commands and why do we need them?

Console commands make the gaming more comfortable, and you can access all your commands by pressing the tilde ~ key, which will enable your console commands.

Once you know the functions performed by various console commands, you will be ready to implement them in your game to alter or modify the game according to your wish.

Some of the console commands can help you in adding new items and money to your character in the game, which can come handy when you are short on cash in the game, so, overall the console commands give a little shortcut in making the games easier for the gamers like you.

The best console commands for the Kingdom Come Deliverance

console commands for the Kingdom Come Deliverance
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In the previous versions of this game, it was possible to provide your character with infinite money and items; however, it has been removed in the recent versions so we can focus on the other console commands that can come in handy to win the game.

To access your console commands, you need to press tilde (~) now, and you can start using the following commands for various functions.

General console commands

➢     e_TimeOfDay – This command allows the player to see the current time of the day

➢   cl_fov X – This command can set the field of view to X, and in default, it will always be at 60

➢   wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 – This command will add a reticule when you are aiming any bow

➢   cl_showHUD 0 – This command will disable the HUD, and you will have to change the 0 to 1 to re-enable the HUD this console command can also be helpful for you to take screenshots as it completely disables the HUD

➢   r_MotionBlur 0 – This command will disable motion blur in the Kingdom Come Deliverance, and you can enable it by changing the value to 1 in the command

➢   e_ViewDistRatio X – This command will change the distance at which objects start to render the default value is 500

➢   e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X – This command will change the distance at which trees start to render, and the default value is 500

➢   e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X – This command will change the distance at which grass starts to animate, and the default value is 20

➢   p_gravity_z X – This command changes the intensity of gravity and the default value is -13

➢   wh_ui_showCompass 0 – you will not be able to see the compass on top of your screen, and that can make your game even more challenging you can restore the setting by simply changing the value from 0 to 1

➢ You can also add money and items in your inventory using console commands that are still allowed in this version of the game

➢   wh_cheat_addItem X – you can add the item ID at the X position, and you will be able to add an item to your inventory

➢   wh_cheat_money X – you can also add a lot of money by replacing the X with the amount of money you wish to add

You should also know about the console commands for other operations in the Kingdom come deliverance RPG game. 

Launch options

You can enable some of the settings when you launch the game.


This is not a console command but can be used to enable the developer mode and implement .

+exec user.cfg

After you enable this console command you will be able to use all special hotkeys that come under “user.cfg” file and you should also know about the commands that will help the hotkeys to bind with the console command.

Bind f3 wh_ui_ShowStats 0

You can bind the console commands to hotkeys using this console command, and you also have the privilege to enable and disable the feature. You can find your required file in the “user.cfg”.

Active console commands

These are some of the console commands that you should know to perform certain actions in the game 

wh_ui_ShowCursor 0

You should know that you will have to update the console command each time you enter the inventory or the maps because the command resets itself, using this command you can easily remove crosshair and enable them if you want to 


If you want to quit the game without saving it, then you can use this console command, and yes it is just a one-letter command

wh_ui_showHealthbar 0

You can enable or disable the health bar according to your convenience since you just have to change the value from 0 to 1


If you do not want to the titles above the NPCs while walking around the town you can simply disable it then you will not be able to see any of the chat bubbles

r_vsync 0

You can disable Vsync to increase their performance in the game, and this feature allows the gamers to stay on top of the game always

Inactive gaming consoles


You can add the filename alongside the console command to save your game before you exit


You can load the game by simply adding the filename preceded by the load console command

These are the console commands that you can implement in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance game and alter the various functions and UI

Guide to the various quests in Kingdom come: Deliverance

There are various quests available in the Kingdom come: Deliverance, and you will have to win all of them to get the thrill of the game, and for those gamers who love to play this RPG game they must know the main quests and the way to win them.

Unexpected visit

This is the first quest and also serves as the tutorial for the beginners to understand how to proceed with them; you should have the strength, agility, and speech to clear the level. His mother awakens the character “Henry” in this quest. He is also reminded of chores to be done.


This is the second main quest in which your hometown will be destroyed, and your people will be slaughtered.

You may not be able to enter the castle, so you will be sent to Talmberg to warn the people thereof the impending danger.


Your liege lord Sir Radzigkobyle will forbid you from leaving Talmberg, but you will somehow manage to escape the castle this plot forms the whole crux of the game.

You should manage to escape the castle in spite of Sir Divish stopping you.


This will be the fourth main quest in which you will be saved from a life-threatening situation, and you will be recovering in Rattay, but the treatment that you will receive comes with a costa, and you will have to settle your debt before you decide to leave.

Train hard, Fight Easy

Sir Radzig will ask you to undergo training from Sir Bernard as you become hos squire, and this quest mainly focuses on you getting combat-ready with the training.

Keeping the peace

You will be put for Sentry duty under the Nightingale as you have passed the basic training, and you have now entered the service of the Bailiff. This is the sixth main quest that you need to concentrate on

The Prey

You are expected to accompany Lord Capon on a hunt because as you have been caught brawling in the Tavern and you will not be excused.

This is the seventh main quest, and you will have to work your way through this by following the procedures.

The hunt begins

The Neuhof farm has been attacked, and you will be asked to investigate that along with Sir Bernard to unravel what is hidden among the remains you will have to solve it as this is the eighth main quest of the KC:D

Ginger in a pickle

You will be able to find Ginger’s bloody hoof pick lodged on the belly of a bandit at the site if destruction i.e., the Neuhof farm and you have to start searching the stable boy in this Ninth main quest of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

These were some of the main quests that you should concentrate on if you are an avid KC:D gamer and want to make your way through the game.

4 tips that will help you survive in Kingdom come Deliverance

This medieval Role play game presents you with many quests for you to make it as challenging as possible, you should be able to find the loophole and tips that can help you survive in KC:D

Know the basics

The character Henry is not good at taking blows as he is not that tough when it comes to combat, so the moves and timings are to be perfect. You should take care of these by knowing the basics and make it difficult for your enemy to hit you.

For example, you can move back and forth so that it becomes harder for your enemy to hit you. Timing of attack is also vital for your enemies to fail because if you leave no time for your opponent to block your attack, then you might emerge victoriously.

Find the weak spot

You can easily find out the parts of the body your opponent is trying to protect and target those who are not guarded to take him down and attack him in the weak spot multiple times.

You should be able to identify the body parts that are susceptible to more damage.

Choose the right weapon

You will have to pick the right weapon to cause more damage to the enemy you will be given with a lot of options from sword to axes initially, you will not have much experience with it, but you will come to know that maces and axes work well with opponents in heavy armor.

Practice will surely help.

Like any other skill, you will have to practice to master a weapon lets say archery you have to practice it so well that your opponents will not stand a chance with you, and you will survive.

You will have to make your skills hit a level 5 for you to become really dangerous with archery, and this can be attained with the constant practice since it will help you master the difficult moves.

These are some of the tips that can help you stay alive and also make your opponent weak since you will have zero skill level at the beginning of the game you will have issues in staying alive, but as you proceed in the game, you can maximize your skills to win over your enemies.


Now that you know the various console commands that you can use while playing the Kingdom come deliverance game, you can start using them to get an edge over your opponents in the game.

You also know the plot of various quests available in the role play game which will make it easier for you to play the game efficiently, you should also show speed, strength, and agility while playing this game.

You can also refer to the tips provided for staying alive in each quest and defeat your opponents, which can be helpful when you are just beginning to play the game so, start playing KC:D with the advantage of console commands and rule the game.

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