Top 6 quietest PC cases

PC cases are one of the essential components for building a PC, and the manufacturers of various brands have worked hard to meet their customers’ requirements by continually changing the appearance and various aspects of the case.

The PC case has evolved from being a simple rectangle-shaped box to bare bones that could accommodate the essential components such as the motherboard and hard disk drives. This has made the PC cases the most sought after components.

But the recent trade shows that gamers are currently buying the quiet PC cases with a compact form factor that would help the gamers have a noiseless gaming experience, which will help them concentrate on the game more.

If you are a hardcore gamer and would want to have a PC case that will remain quiet for many years, here are some of the top suggestions that you should try.

Best Quiet PC cases

➢ Be quiet! Silent 800

➢ NZXT S340 Elite

➢ Fractal Design Define S

➢ Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent edition

➢ Fractal Design Define R6

➢ Nanoxia deep silence 3

Be quiet! Silent 800

As the name of the case itself suggests that the PC case is designed for the silent operation and gives you ample room to fit all of your other components properly.

The be quiet! Silent 800 can be your best choice when it comes to silent PC cases with a polycarbonate window.

You will also get a large space behind the motherboard trays for cable management which means that apart from providing a sound dampening effect this PC case has a lot more to offer to its customers at a price range of under $150.

Features of the Be quiet! Silent 800

➢ It features excellent sound dampening panels that reduce noise to a greater extent.

➢ It comes with a 2 pure wing fans that are of 140 mm each

➢ It has an utterly great stylish design that will capture the attention of the PC gamers

➢ You also get a removable dust filter on the top and the bottom of the case 

➢ Provides more than ample space for cable management

➢ Since it is a full tower case, you can fit a longer graphics card

➢ The front panel consists of 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 connectors for connecting any input devices, including a microphone/headphone which means the PC case has a standard I/O ports for the gamers


➢ The best silent case at a price range of under $150

➢ It has a tremendous outer design which makes it look very stylish

➢ Has ample space for cable management

➢ It is a full tower case thus gives more space for all your components


➢ Even after being a full tower case, it cannot accommodate an EATX motherboard

NZXT S340 Elite

This elegant PC case has made some sacrifices for providing the gamers with the noise reduction feature. Being a mid-tower case, it also supports various motherboards to be able to fit in the case easily.

The NZXT S340 Elite has become very popular because of its features and its noise-reducing capabilities.

It is quite affordable for a quiet PC case because it comes under the price range of $99 and also has a great design in its compact yet simple interior.

It has a tempered glass that will showcase your precious inner components beautifully, which will completely transform your PC into an elegant work of art.

This case also features a nice full-length PSU shroud that will make ample space for cable management now, let us look at the features that it has to provide its users and also the PC builders out there.

Features of NZXT S340 Elite

➢ You will get a decent noise reduction with this PC case and is also affordable for the features it provides

➢ This PC case also provides with the water-cooling feature if your PC tends to heat up

➢ It has a full-length PSU shroud for cable management

➢ It provides the right features for those PC builders who want to build the PC with an affordable case

➢ It is available in multiple exteriors as well as interior colors where black is for the former, and the red/matte white/black blue is for the latter


➢ It provides good aesthetics with the noise reduction capabilities

➢ It consists of a water cooling feature

➢ Has a full-PSU shroud for effective cable management

➢ Is quite affordable at a price tag of $99

➢ It provides a steel-plated audio jack and new clamping system to keep your components in place


➢ It has made sacrifices in its airflow by providing a small vent at the top of the case which may cause the case to heat up

Fractal Design Define S

Since its introduction, it has been a long time, yet it never fails to amuse the customers by providing them with quiet operation and sleek design.

The sound dampening materials are lined inside the panels without compromising the airflow like the NZXT’s case and with just $4 more than that case.

This PC case comes with a price tag of $104 which is quite affordable for the features it provides

Features of Fractal Design Define S

➢ It is a mid-tower case that comes with high-quality material and a sleek design

➢ It provides great noise dampening effects 

➢ It provides ample airflow inside the case which prevents the PC from heating up

➢ This PC case also comes with radiator support for the customers looking for the water cooling support which is present in both top and the front of the case

➢ It has the best in class Fractal Design Dynamic GP14 120 mm fans which optimizes the airflow pretty well

➢ It includes a mounting point for the hard drives and the disc drives for 2.5” to 3.5” drives


➢ This mid-tower PC case is built with high-quality materials for higher performance and durability

➢ The operation is tranquil and provides its users with minimal noise

➢ It optimizes airflow to a greater extent which will prevent your PC from heating up

➢ It is one of the best PC cases at a price range of $103


➢ You will not be provided with cages for hard drives and disk drives

Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent edition

If you are looking for a PC case that gives you all the necessary features and should also be able to fit your budget.

The PC case you are looking for is the cost-effective Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent edition, with its main focus being to stay quiet.

It is very affordable at the price range of $57, making it the cheapest case we have seen so far with the noise reduction capabilities.

Even after being a low-cost PC case, it comes with 2 120mm fans which are pretty impressive, and the Corsair manages to provide a silent case with the noise dampening material inside a closed faced design

Features of the Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent edition

➢ Provides the best silent case at an affordable price of $57

➢ It also has a cage for both 3.5” and 2.5” hard disk drives and solid states drives

➢ It has a minimal I/O ports with 2 USB 3.0 ports and headphone, microphone ports

➢ It also supports water cooling with a 120mm radiator on the top and front of the case

➢ It consists of 2 120mm fans at this price range

➢ Overall it is a good quality noise conscious case that everyone can afford


➢ It is one of the cheapest high-quality cases

➢ It fulfills all the basic necessities of a PC case

➢ It supports water cooling too

➢ It is a mid-tower case, so it does have some space too


➢ Some of the users might find the PC case to be very basic with minimum I/O ports

Fractal Design Define R6

PC builders love this case for many reasons and are also well known for its sound dampening panels, which are present in the front, top, and sides, which makes it the most silent PC case.

Even after loading up with more than 4 fans, it does give the most silent experience, which is the need for many gamers that is a silent PC with less heating issues.

It is a bit pricey than the others mentioned here with a price tag of $180 for the windowed version of the Fractal Design Define R6, which has an optional tempered glass side window.

Features of the Fractal Design Define R6

➢ It comes with sound dampening panels in the front, top and sides for maximum noise reduction

➢ It also has support for a single external drive

➢ It comes with radiator support of 360mm in front of the case and 420mm on the top of the case

➢ It also has a full-length PSU shroud which makes it an on-demand PC case

➢ It also provides the users with an optional tempered glass window version, and the prices vary accordingly

➢ It comes with various interior color options such as matte black, gunmetal or white

➢ It consists of 2 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0, audio ports for its I/O ports

➢ It comes with dust filters on the top, front and bottom of the case to reduce dust accumulation


➢ Best quiet PC case with maximum sound reduction

➢ Aesthetic design with a tempered glass window

➢ Consists of a full-length PSU shroud for cable management

➢ It has all the necessary I/O ports


➢ It can be a bit expensive for some of the PC builders looking for a budget-friendly option

Nanoxia deep silence 3

This mid-case uses an amalgamation of decouples power supply mounts, foam padding, and anti-vibration feet for an optimal silent operation, which does what the brand name states, i.e., providing deep silence.

It comes with great features, apart from noise reduction, which includes cable management and removable driver bays, making the build-in quite easy for the PC builders.

It gives all the great features at an affordable price pf $90, so let us look at the features provided by this case.

Features of the Nanoxia deep silence 3

➢ It provides complete silence for the gamers to play their games without the unwanted noise around them

➢ It consists of the cages for 5 3.5” disk drives and 3 for 2.5” drives

➢ It comes with 3 120mm fans which are great for a $90 price tag

➢ Since it has a lot of removable drive bays, it is easier for the PC builders to work with

➢ It consists of the rubber grommet cable management holes for making the wires look less messy

➢ It has the I/O ports for 2 USB 3.0, microphone, headphone jack, and 2 fan controllers

➢ It is the best choice for the PC builders


➢ It is an affordable, quiet PC case under the price range of $90

➢ It is easier to fit in the components 

➢ It consists of all the necessary I/O ports

➢ You can effectively manage the cables


➢ If you are looking for great design and aesthetics, it is not a great choice

These are some of the best PC cases that provide a silent experience and great features for a great PC building at affordable prices.

These PC cases are one of the most sought-after because of the features they provide and build quality and are recommended by many PC builders. 


If you are looking for the best quiet PC cases, you can pick one of these because they provide high quality but are affordable too. 

PC cases are one of the most important components that decide the quality of the PC you have built and provides features like noise reduction, cable management, spacious interiors, I/O ports, compact build, and various form factors to accommodate graphics cards and motherboards.

These can also serve as the criteria for choosing the best PC case because a high-quality case will consist of everything required right from lesser heat build-up inside the PC to the water-cooling feature.

Therefore look for one of the PC cases mentioned above that can cater to your PC case needs.

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