Fallout : New vegas console commands

The console commands can come in handy when you have to go around the bugs in the Fallout: new vegas game or you just want to win the game with every means possible.

The console commands also give you the power over the game and here are all the fallout new vegas console commands  that you need to know:

Keyboard console commands Enabling

Use the backquote key (`) while in-game (Unpaused) and the backquote key shifts to tilde (~) on U.S. keyboards, and the not attribute (¬’) on UK keyboards.

The keyboards with altered layouts will differ, but the key is usually similar to that of 1 or aloof beneath the Escape key (Esc).

The key is the top key beneath escape, on non-U.S. keyboards. (Example: §, ½ or | on Nordic (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish) keyboards, circumflex (^) on German keyboards, on French keyboards, \ or | on Italian keyboards, ` on Brazilian keyboards, “on Turkish keyboards).

The HUD will abandon and you will get an alert (|) in the lower larboard bend of the awning breadth you can ascribe codes.

You may accept to change settings over to abrasion if your application is computer-compatible and can be played on Xbox  and you can use console commands.

The back command access approach is enabled, the bold will abeyance and the camera will freeze.

If the larboard ancillary of the animate is not visible, one may charge to adapt the Fallout_default.ini book in the accession folder.

Increasing the iConsoleTextXPos capricious will move the alert added appropriate into the acreage of view and one must know the proper usage of console commands to win the game too

Player Reputation and the faction

These are some of the commands that can help fallout NV console commands that you can refer to in order to alter the player reputation and the faction

addreputation    – adds amateur acceptability with faction; the bulk will max out at its accustomed best bulk of 100. The capricious will actuate if the bulk is added to the player’s acclaim (1) or abomination (0) with the faction

removereputation    – removes amateur acceptability with faction; the bulk will max out at its accustomed minimum bulk of 0. The capricious will actuate if the bulk is subtracted from the player’s acclaim (1) or abomination (0) with the faction

setreputation    – sets amateur acceptability with faction; the bulk will max out at its accustomed minimum and best ethics of 0 and 100. The capricious will actuate if the bulk is set for the player’s acclaim (1) or abomination (0) with the faction


addreputation 000ffae8 1 5 – adds 5 acclaims to the Boomers faction

removereputation 000ffae8 0 5 – removes 5 abomination from the Boomers faction

setreputation 000ffae8 1 5 – sets player’s acclaim with the Boomers band to 5

removefromallfactions – removes the Courier from all factions. Additionally removes them from the ‘Player’ faction. Use player.AddToFaction 0001b2a4 1 to fix. Remember to additionally re-add the DLC amateur factions: xx00b42e for Honest Hearts, xx016154 for Old World Blues, and xx003e41 for Lonesome Road

setally     – sets factions affiliated cachet with anniversary other. The capricious will actuate the cachet of anniversary band to the other: 0=friend, 1=ally

setenemy     – sets factions adversary cachet with anniversary other. The capricious will actuate the cachet of anniversary band to the other: 0=enemy, 1=neutral

setally 000fed3f 00154307 1 0 – Will set Boomers affiliated cachet for BoS to allies, and BoS affiliated cachet for Boomers to friends.

Quest console commands

These are some of the fnv console commands that a player must know to operate when they are in a quest

resetquest  – Gives the accustomed quest, removing it from the adventure log. Beware: often, this may force you to accommodate added quests to accept it already more.

movetoqt – Moves the amateur to the accepted adventure target.

showquestlog – Shows the adventure log which includes aggregate the amateur has encountered and done.

GetQuestCompleted – Checks if the accepted adventure is complete. Returns 1 for accurate and 0 for false. Receiving 1.00 agency the adventure is complete; 0.00 agency it is not.

sqt – Generates a account of accepted adventure targets.

completequest  – Completes the accustomed quest.

caqs – Completes all stages of all quests, alike quests you accept not taken on, basically absolutely wiping out all quests of the bold and commutual the bold afterwards catastrophe the game.

setstage   – Moves the adventure in your adventure log to the adumbrated adventure stage. Recommended command for affective accomplished ashamed sections of quests rather than banishment the absolute adventure to become completed.

setobjectivedisplayed    – Sets which cold is displayed, in progress, in your adventure log. Afterwards accounting the date cardinal blazon 1 (to display) or 0 (to remove)

Inventory and item manipulation

player.setweaponhealthperc  – Sets currently able weapon’s health. For example, player.setweaponhealthperc 100 would absolutely adjustment the currently able weapon

player.additem   – Get the adumbrated bulk of the called item.

Example: player.additem 0000000f 200 – adds 200 caps to the amateur money/inventory

player.removeitem   – Abolish the adumbrated bulk of the called item.

player.additemhealthpercent    – add account to your inventory, with a defined condition. Quality should be accustomed in decimal form.


player.additemhealthpercent 000fd771 99 .01 will add 99 Basement 3 account jumpsuits at 1% to the player’s inventory.

setownership – accomplish the account castigation by abrasion left-click on account and accounting setownership (for instance, a chiffonier or a bed; already endemic acreage will still abstract Karma)

clearownership – accomplish the account unowned

unlock – alleviate doors, safes, terminals or any added bound containers. You can get the altered ID of an account by beat on it while you accept the animate open, causing it to book out on the command line, finer afterwards you blazon “unlock ” and a space.

Please agenda that the “unlock” command may not assignment on a actual bound cardinal of locks, safes and/or terminals.

However, it will accessible annihilation that is meant to be opened anon from the door/safe/container, and some added that are bold breaking, like the elevator abaft Benny’s allowance leads to a vault, and the doors that are not meant to be opened will advance to bottomless gray pits.

If you jump into the pit, it drops you to the stairs beneath the Basement 21 allowance shop.

lock  – lock doors, safes, terminals or any added apart containers. Adding a cardinal afterwards lock sets the difficulty. For example, lock 0 would actualize a actual accessible lock, lock 25 an accessible lock, and lock 100 a actual adamantine lock. lock 101 will accomplish the account unpick-able (Requires Key).

player.srm – Self-repair of items up to your accepted adjustment skill. Agenda that you can’t adjust all items in one command (‘A’ on PC) if the absolute bulk of the adjustment is added caps than you currently have, banishment you to do adjustment alone items until the absolute bulk bare to adjustment all items in a distinct command is beneath than your absolute caps on hand. Regardless of method, all caps “spent” on aliment are paid to you, applique a absolute bulk of zero. This is decidedly accessible afore you advertise items, adopting their bulk considerably.

setpccanusepowerarmor 1 – accomplish ability armor wearable. If you can already abrasion ability armor and blazon 0 instead of 1, you will no best be able to abrasion it.

player.showinventory shows amateur account and account ID’s of all amateur account items.

Player manipulation

player.setscale  – 1 is default, 0.1 is ultimately microscopic, 10 is gigantic (not recommended for calm use.

player.getav – Get the accepted bulk of Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. See Fallout 3 animate commands for the list. These can be adapted with the modav command.

player.modav   – Add or decrease from Skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. amount. (Example: player.modav energyweapons 25 +25 to Energy Weapons)

player.forceav   – Set absolute bulk of Accomplishment or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. level. A = Accomplishment or S.P.E.C.I.A.L. name; X = bulk – Accomplishment ambit from (1-100), S.P.E.C.I.A.L. from (1-10) (Example: player.forceav anesthetic 50 sets anesthetic akin on 50)

player.advlevel – Levels the amateur up by one level, but does not add the Acquaintance Points. While you accretion all akin perks, etc, you will not akin afresh until you accept fabricated up all the credibility for the levels acquired by this command and the acquaintance appropriate for the abutting level.

player.rewardxp 15000 – adds 15000 exp. Any levels acquired will be accepted immediately, one afterwards the other. (You cannot decrease acquaintance application player.rewardxp -n. Attempting player.modav xp -n displays the bulletin “Actor bulk ‘XP’ cannot be adapted in scripts or the console.”)

showracemenu – Allows chase editing, whenever.

showbarbermenu – Allows beard editing.

shownamemenu – Allows renaming.

player.addperk  – accord amateur called advantage or trait. For account of perks, bang the account of items here.

player.removeperk  – removes the called perk.

sexchange – changes the sex of your character.

player.setav speedmult X – changes movement acceleration by percentage.

 Example: player.setav speedmult 50 cuts movement in half, while player.setav speedmult 150 increases movement by half.

showtraitmenu – Allows the amateur to re-pick their traits.

player.setlevel X – Allows the amateur to set their level

player.resethealth – restore NPC’s health.

Actor Manipulation

“Actor” refers to a chic in which non-player characters, Creatures, and “Talking Activators” belong.

These assignments on creatures and non-player characters can help you to change the way in which they look and can also renew the invenntory to some extent.

You can manipulate the players actions using these commands and also kill your opponents using simple console commands available.

  • addperk – Select an NPC and blazon addperk 00031db7; this archetype would accord the called NPC Light Step.
  • resurrect – Revives non-player appearance and renews their inventory. This command will not disengage the abortion of quests.
  • resurrect 1 – Revives non-player appearance afterwards renewing their inventory. This command will not accredit the achievement of bootless quests.
  • player.resurrect – May account a bold crash.
  • kill – Kills non-player character. Killing quest-related NPCs may advance to bootless quests.
  • killall – Kills all non-invincible NPCs in the adjacent area. Use with caution, as some quest-essential NPCs you can’t see anon may additionally be killed. Additionally affects assembly (rendering them “unconscious” in Casual approach but absolutely killing them in Hardcore).
  • tdetect – Toggles AI amateur apprehension (Causes amateur to consistently be hidden).
  • rdf – resets all the chat copse of all actors. A aftermost resort for ashamed dialog; can advice in ashamed quests or breach them if acclimated incorrectly. (i.e. allotment an answer, again resetting and allotment a altered one may or may not breach the adventure based on such answers) Use with caution.
  • player.placeatme  – Spawns Creature/Non-player character, changeless objects, and containers. They will spawn on top of you, so accomplish abiding you are in an accessible breadth if you spawn a lot.
  • Alternatively, you can use ‘placeatme’ instead to spawn things at called article area instead of the amateur location. (useful if breeding several monsters and you don’t appetite to be at hit ambit from them)
  • addtofaction  – Makes called non-player appearance a affiliate of a specific faction. Replace X with “1” to accomplish the non-player appearance an accessory of the band or “0” to artlessly accomplish him/her affable with it. Be abiding to bang on anniversary appearance you appetite to add to the band afore entering the command. So, for example, to add a non-player appearance to your own character’s band as a friend, you would aboriginal bang on them and again access addtofaction 1b2a4 0. Remember you will again charge to use the stopcombat action appropriate after if the non-player appearance was already attacking.
  • removefromfaction  – Removes non-player appearance from a specific faction.

 For example:

removefromfaction 1b2a4 will abolish NPC from your own Amateur Character’s faction.

These antecedent two commands are advantageous back you charge to about-face a adverse non-player appearance affable in adjustment to allocution to them/begin a adventure accompanying to them that you contrarily couldn’t start.

Add them to your faction, allocution to them and complete their quest. Again abolish them from your band and they will acknowledgment to actuality hostile.

tcai – Toggle all non-player appearance action AI (non-player appearance doesn’t fight)

tai – Toggle all or called non-player appearance AI (disables AI processing)

OpenTeammateContainer 1 – Will accessible their inventory, as admitting they were a companion, for the alteration of account items.

SetRestrained 1 – Will account an amateur to angle in place, not agreeable in action or accustomed out AI packages.

PlayIdle  – Plays an idle, breadth X is the idle’s EditorID cord (not the FormID). The cardinal of EditorIDs are too abundant to account here.

PushActorAway   – Causes addition amateur (variable X, an Amateur advertence formID) to go into a ragdoll accompaniment and gets apprenticed abroad at a force of Y, abroad from the calling advertence (selectable by beat on a ref in animate approach or by application the ‘prid’ command)

setscale  -like player.setscale but works on NPCs instead

Display manipulation and debugging

These are some of the commands that you can use for display manipulation and debugging

  • tfc  – Toggle Free Camera (where X is an alternative capricious in which a bulk of 1 will benumb all in the arena except any active scripts)
  • sgtm  – Set all-around time speed, breadth X is the multiplier (IE: normal: 1, bisected speed: 0.5)
  • sucsm  – Set UFO cam movement acceleration (IE: freecam speed), breadth X is a multiplier
  • tlb – Toggle Light Brite (disables lighting and shadowing; all abstracts at abounding brightness; accustomed bang concealment won’t function)
  • tcl – No abridgement mode
  • tmm  – Show/hide all mapmarkers (additionally : ‘tmm 1 0 1’ will appearance all map markers afterwards advertent them and afterwards actuality able to fast biking to them.)
  • tdt – Toggle alter display
  • tlv – Toggle leaves
  • tg – Toggle grass
  • tp – Toggle appearance of projectiles and spawns
  • tfow – Toggle fog of war on bounded map
  • tgm – Toggle god approach (infinite health, absolute ammunition, no charge to reload, able to backpack absolute items)
  • tdm – Toggle demigod approach (infinite health, bound ammunition, charge to reload, able to backpack absolute items)
  • EnablePlayerControls – Enables amateur controls (when disabled by quasi-cutscenes)
  • disable – Removes the called article from the bold (can be baffled by accounting “enable” while the article is still selected. Great for removing glitching objects.
  • enable – Acclimated for enabling ahead disabled objects. (Object still needs to be selected, as you cannot reselect an article that no best exists.)
  • movetoqt – Instantly accouterment you to the adventure ambition or abutting alternative adventure spot.
  • coc  – Force fast biking to town/area (Example: coc Jacobstown)
  • tcg – Toggle Collision Geometry Visibility
  • twf – Toggle Wireframe
  • tm – Toggle HUD
  • tvl – Toggle VATS lights
  • search   – chase for a specific account or article absolute said query. The capricious will actuate what blazon of account is actuality searched for, about this ambience appears to be broken.


search “service rifle” 0 will appearance all after-effects for ‘service rifle’ in the console.

search primm will appearance all after-effects for altar and items including the chat ‘primm’ in their name.

These are some of the console commands that you can use in order to get an edge over your opponents in the fallout game, some of the console commands are easy to remember and can be used to quickly take attack your opponent by surprise or manipulate the actors.

You can change the way the player looks and also the way the inventory is managed. The simple commands allow you to work through the game without any issues.

Some Bugs

There might be some bugs that you come across while you are playing the game you can read through the bugs that you might come across and the possible way to get on with it

  • Sometimes, back alteration your acceptability while bearded and after accepting attacked an assertive faction, they may be adverse alike admitting your acceptability with them has afflicted from bad to good. However, this is a constancy absurdity and may be rectified afterward spending abundant time abroad from the said band while out of combat. (Test in 21 altered ways)
  • If you cannot cull up the console, analysis Control Panel – Device Manager – Keyboards for Microsoft home MCIR devices. These baffles with the Tilde (console) key. Remove these accessories and restart Fallout: New Vegas. You should now be able to access animate mode, (also works for Fallout 3)
  • The coc command, back acclimated for assertive locations, will bead you into an atramentous pit. It can be anchored by reloading the bold or fast traveling about else. Also use the Tcl command to leave.
  • Sometimes, back application the animate command, your followers’ accouterment or weapons will displace to their aboriginal state, accordingly accident the “special” able items. The account will not be afflicted if the addict was not cutting or application the item.
  • When abiding to your amateur appearance afterward using the ‘tfc’ command, the 1st Person archetypal of weapons will be further out than accepted i.e. you may be able to see the banal of the weapon. This can be anchored by absolute departure the bold (not aloof reloading the save), again restarting it.
  • When application the ‘movetoqt’ or ‘coc’ command from central a Strip casino, you may lose the weapons you had taken from you. This can be anchored by abiding to a beforehand save.
  • If you use the ‘movetoqt’ or ‘coc’ command from central a Strip bank and lose your weapons, aloft abiding to the casino, you may not be able to move. This can alone be anchored by departure and restarting the game.


Apart from these, you can also get your hands in the new vegas teleport command and enjoy your games without any hassle.

The commands mentioned above are very effective and helps you get the upper hand in the Fallout: new vegas game without any issues.

Mastering these console commands can be difficult but not impossible you can try using them for various aspects such as player manipulation, inventory manipulation, and other uses.

You can even win the game if you know the right console to put to use while you are in the game.

Most of the keyboards will have the keys at a particular position but in case your keyboard has keys elsewhere you can refer the symbols mentioned above to get your upper hand in the game.

You can apply these console commands to help you win the game next time.

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