8 best Rimworld mods

Rimworld opens up the gates of imagination in the player’s mind by providing them the best simulation game that allows the players to construct and manage their dream world.

There are many ardent players, yet certain limitations have to be taken care of, and that is why the modders have created mods to overcome it.

If you are a hardcore player of this simulation game, you must know the best Rimworld mods you can use to enhance your gaming experience.

Here are the best Rimworld mods that will completely change your perspective of this game and provide you with the best features

The best Rimworld mods

Since Rimworld is a bit sensitive about the mods’ usage, you should be careful when you install one of these and make sure it does not clash with your game

➢ EdB prepare carefully mod

➢ World edit

➢ Colony manager mod

➢ Blueprints

➢ Hospitality mod

➢ Realistic rooms mod

➢ Common sense mod

➢ RandomPlus mod

➢ Allow tool mod

EdB prepare carefully mod

If you are someone who wants to prepare carefully for your landing in the Rimworld, you probably should think of installing this mod.

It is one of the powerful tools that can completely transform Rimworld into the most interesting game and provides the players with a bit of direction.

You can easily design your colonists with the skills and traits that you want. You can easily craft an away team that can help you by providing a properly skilled medic.

You can also choose to build a character with the game’s predefined limits or even create overpowered colonials.

Benefits of EdB prepare carefully mod

➢ You can easily craft your team with the desired skills and traits

➢ You can craft an away team consisting of your favorite skills

➢ You can even create overpowered colonials 

➢ The players can create their type of colonists with a few clicks 

World edit mod

Players have the privilege to choose a landing site in Rimworld, but they have to search all over the world map to choose their preferred arrival area.

The modders have come up with a solution to it through the world edit mod, which can help you alter the environmental states.

This mod can be too much for some of the players, but you can use it to your advantage as it will make your landing tile more comfortable or help you craft a more challenging settlement.

Some interesting tweaks will include where the settlements will spawn and where the rivers will flow and such solutions.

Benefits of World edit mod

➢ You can make tile-sized changes, and you will be able to apply it to the whole world

➢ You can easily change the biome

➢ You can add a single temperate forest amidst the sea ice and check how your colonists react

➢ This mod can give you the power to alter the world map and change it according to your will

Colony Manager mod

You can download this mod if you were looking for a solution that could keep colonizing your colony and would also allow you to set-up the rules for the colony’s daily requirements.

This mod allows the players to perform micromanagement at ease, and you can efficiently build and also sustain large or growing groups.

An example of this can be setting up the number of meals that have to be ready for your colonists, and the managers will make sure that your requirement is met and everything would be as you have asked for.

Benefits of Colony Manager mod

➢ This mod will enhance your gaming experience

➢ You can easily set-up rules and execute them for managing your colonies

➢ The level of your company does not matter at all

➢ The micromanagement tasks would be easier from now on

➢ You can direct your colonist on where to get the stocks and how to get them

Blueprints mod

This is one of the best mods for Rimworld, as this will help you to recreate your favorite rooms over and over again whenever you like.

For example, if you have formed a bedroom that seems perfect, you can easily save the blueprint and keep on creating it whenever you want.

This mod will help you save time and fits with the game pretty well, which can help you a lot throughout Rimworld.


You also get the added benefit of helping you build in blocked spaces, as you can simply mark the layout of the blueprint and do the necessary work for your room to fit in

Benefits of the Blueprints mod

➢ You can build in spaces which are blocked by tracing the blueprint’s layout

➢ You can use the blueprint across the game that is, from one colony to another

➢ You can alter your blueprint however you want, and there will be no restriction whatsoever

➢ You can also change the materials of the walls if you want to and you can have your own standards that you want to stick to

Hospitality mod

This is one of the essential mods that you should have, which will increase your reputation among some factions because you can extend your hospitality to the people that wander off outside the turrets.

You can build guest houses that will help visitors stay a little longer and enjoy the beer. This mod provides you with the option to give hospitality, which will make some factions dote upon you and favorable to you.


You can use this mod to your advantage as you can improve your relationship with the factions

Benefits of the Hospitality mod

➢ You can build hotels and brew beers for the visitors

➢ You can tell the wanderers where to find a guest room for them

➢ You will have the chance to improve your relations with the other factions

➢ You can also use this hospitality to build new relations and dote upon them

➢ This is one of the essential mod which will completely change the game into your favor and make it more interesting

Realistic rooms mod

Every player has the desire to make his game as realistic as possible and would love the mod that can make the game seem more real.

This mod is really simple and lowers the room’s overall requirements, which will allow the players to make more compact bases and use fewer resources. You can download this mod for a smaller room and good living spaces with minimal resources.

Benefits of Realistic rooms mod

➢ You can now make smaller rooms and make it as compact as possible

➢ This is a very simple mod that the players can download and install in their system

➢ You can now make rooms with lesser resources

➢ This will make the rooms look more realistic thus the name realistic room mod

Common sense mod

This is one such mod that many would want in real life because it is very difficult for the parents to get their kids to do certain stuff on their own.

The common sense mod helps you fill those little gaps, and your pawns will get all your job done correctly as the little rules you set will help you see the bigger picture in a much better way.

You can even make your pawns do all the small works including the chores such as help them clean before bed, collecting all the necessary things before they leave for a job which will prevent them from making multiple trips. 

Benefits of Common sense mod

➢ You can imbibe common sense in your pawns for making the job easier

➢ You can manage things better with this mod

➢ Your colony will colonize more after you make use of this mod

➢ The pawns will not make any common mistakes and help you play the game in a better way

RandomPlus mod

If the prepare carefully mod seems a bit overpowering to you, you can use RandomPlus, which will allow you to choose minimum specification for pawn generating, which means that you can now concentrate only on the aspects you want instead of having granular control over every aspect of the pawn.

RandomPlus is much easier for all players to create their pawn with the specific traits and make the process quick so that it is not time-consuming.

RandomPlus mod can be the best replacement to the prepare carefully mod for those players who think the former is somewhat complicated

Benefits of RandomPlus

➢ This mod makes it easier for the players to make changes in the traits of their pawn

➢ The pawn generation process also become less tedious and faster

➢ You can choose the minimum specification which you want the pawns to be.

➢ The pawn creation will consider the specific elements and help you make the game easier

Allow tools mod

This mod is a true game-changer as it will surely help you select your Rimworld elements faster, and for every tool that you want in your game, the Allow tool will allow it, and you can simply click on it.

In Rimworld, the tools that you can use are the mine connected ores, selecting similar elements on the map, harvesting the ripe plants, and so on. This mod will help the players in numerous ways as they can help you select from a wide range of tools available

Benefits of the allow tools mod

➢ It is a simple mod that can help you to carry out the functions at ease without any issues

➢ You simply have to select the tool that you want which will be similar to the Photoshop selection tool

➢ You can click on the base mortar and then use the tool to find out where the others are present in your base

These are some of the mods that you can try your hands on because they can solve your issues and also provide you with additional features that you would love

Benefits of incorporating mods in Rimworld

Mods make the games more interesting and realistic by providing us with the features that we wished to see in the game, the community of modders works day in and out to provide the best mods for most of the games.

Here are some of the benefits of downloading and installing mods for Rimworld:

➢ You can create the characters that you want with the skills and traits of your choice. The mods will help you in easy creation of colonists

➢ Micromanagement becomes easier when you install the right mod for the Rimworld, and your gaming becomes more enjoyable

➢ You can even save the layouts of your favorite rooms and create them as often as possible. This would increase your efficiency and give you the freedom to construct the room anywhere you like

➢ You can ease the way you generate pawns and also select your own specifications

➢ You can imbibe common sense to your pawns to get things done faster and to colonize your colonies faster

The selection of suitable mods makes the game more realistic and also brings in all the features that the players wanted in the game.

Mostly, the players’ requests are taken into consideration, and then the modders work tirelessly to provide the players with the features they want. 


Now that you know the best mods that can make the Rimworld game even better by giving you the best features that you will love.

You can easily create characters, add your favorite traits to them, build compact bases, allow a plethora of tools, and make the map look smaller as you can customize it and make a granular alteration.

For an enhanced gaming experience, you can easily download and install one of these mods, but you should also know that the mods must be used carefully and not clash with the games.

Enjoy your favorite games with the best mod and relish every moment of your gaming with cool new features that come with the mod.

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