Best Battletech mods-Raise your Gaming Strategy

Modders have always thrived on making the gaming experience better for a plethora of games, and you will also be able to find mods for the famous Battletech game.

You get a lot of cool stuff after installing the best mod that will enhance the way the game is played and allows the players to get that extra thrill that he was expecting from this turn-based strategy game of Battletech.

The one downside to these mods is that if you are playing the Battletech game in a system that meets only the minimum requirements, then the installation of additional mods can be too much for your system.

Here are the best Battletech mods that you should probably install for Battletech, and you will have all the information about the bonus mod that will be mentioned at the end.

Top Battletech mods

➢ Mercdeployments mod

➢ Pilot health popup mod

➢ Configurable camera settings mod

➢ Random Campaign start mod

➢ Lore-friendly quick start mod

➢ Roguetech mod


It is one of the game-changing mods that can alter the way you get paid in the Battletech game, instead of hoping mission to mission for getting paid. You will be hired and deployed on a particular planet to complete a massive mission and paid at the end of each mission.

However, the main story missions are also available, and you can opt-out of the deployment any time you want, but doing so will lower your respect among the factions that have hired you, and that will not be good for you.

If you complete all the tasks you were deployed to, you will end up with loads of cash and respect, so this mod will help you excitingly earn both.

Benefits of Mercdeployments

➢ This mod can make the game even more enjoyable as well as get you some extra money

➢ You can easily switch to the normal missions whenever you want

➢ This mod allows you to be hired and deployed to a particular planet to complete more than 12 missions

➢ This mod will also help you to earn money as well as respect from the factions

➢ Since the game becomes monotonous at a certain point, this mod can help add a new life to the game


➢ Adds new missions to the game other than the regular ones

➢ Allows you to earn money on a monthly basis

➢ You can take up to 12 missions at a single time

➢ Makes the game more interesting


➢ Some players might find it too challenging to complete all the missions instructed by the faction and would want to return to the main story missions

Pilot health popup

Many of you are keen on saving the mech in the Battletech game. You are also annoyed by the fact that no popups indicate the pilot’s health, so modders have taken it upon themselves to solve this issue and give you a mod that can show you the health of your enemies.

You can quickly kill the pilot inside the mech, and you know that the human’s life is not as crucial as the mech itself, so this mod gives you the advantage of seeing the health of each of your foes in the game.

Benefits of pilot health popup

➢ You can now see the health of each of your foes and kill them easily

➢ You can find ways to save the mech which is your ultimate goal

➢ You can have the advantage of knowing which of your enemies and vulnerable and can be killed faster

➢ With this additional information, you can no apply your own strategies to save the mech


➢ Display of an enemy’s health status

➢ Helps the players to find a way to kill the pilot

➢ Gives the player an advantage over other players in the game

➢ Makes it easier for you to save the mech


➢ Some might find the mod as a means of cheating in the Battletech game

Configurable camera settings

If you want to have more control over the cameras, then you probably need to install this mod as it is an excellent addition to the Battletech game.

It will get you the wide-angle view, and you can zoom according to your own will, this mod will be great for those who are just beginning to play this game and do not want it to be very complicated.

You can also quickly turn off your shoulder shooting camera if you do not want it to run, and you can easily focus on the places you want to destroy your enemy.

Benefits of Configurable camera settings

➢ You will get full control over the cameras

➢ You can zoom and focus the point that you want to see clearly

➢ You can easily dismantle your opponents and have an advantage over them

➢ You can easily plan your next move as you can see everything clearly

➢ It solves the faulty of the shoulder shooting camera


➢ Full control over the camera

➢ You can easily plan and execute your moves

➢ You can destroy your enemies faster


➢ Players who are accustomed to playing without this mod may not need the mod

Random Campaign start

If you are reading through the best mods for the Battletech, then you probably want some tweaks to the game that can take your experience to the next level, and this mod has the power to do so.

If you do not want to choose the same mech, again and again, you can simply install this mod and enjoy the random picking of the mechs.

You can start from any mech you wish to, but you should check how many you can handle before enabling a lot of them, you can also allow ronin mechs if you want with some adjustments in the text file.

Benefits of Random Campaign start

➢ You can start with any mech that you want

➢ You can now easily defeat your enemies by enabling many techs

➢ You can even have the freedom of choosing even ronin mechs

➢ This mod is also applied to the pilots of the mech

➢ This mod is a great choice for both the beginners and the advanced players of the game


➢ Choosing mechs is now easier

➢ Handle as many mechs as possible

➢ Even pilots can make use of it


➢ Some players might prefer the default mechs over choosing one of their own

Lore-friendly quickstart

Many of you would have been annoyed with the start of the game with the majesty metals, coronation days missions and the dramatic dialogues.

You can easily guess that this mod will help you fix the issue and give you the option to skip it at your own convenience.

Even if you are back to the game, you will not have to go through all the training process or the tutorials.

This mod helps you cut out the boring parts of the game and quickly takes you to the exciting parts, but you can also choose to see it

Benefits of Lore-friendly quickstart

➢ You can easily skip to the main story missions

➢ This mod allows you to skip the tutorials if you have done it

➢ You will not have to start with the majestic metal or the coronation days

➢ This mod makes the starting process much easier

➢ You can choose to turn off the cinematic dialogue exchange on Leopard


➢ It makes the game more interesting

➢ You can just start where you left off

➢ No more training and tutorials

➢ Leaves out the boring parts of the game


➢ Some players would want the dramatic start to the game

Roguetech mod

If you love a challenging game and is thrilling to go through a difficult battle, then this mod is just the right thing for you to install. But you must be warned that this mod will completely change the game and even make it a little sandbox kind of a game because this mod is a total conversion mod.

So, it is advised to first complete the vanilla game before stepping into the Roguetech mod. This mod will make the game incredibly challenging and help you build epic and massive mechs that will be difficult for the enemies to destroy.

You should also have enough money to buy the stuff. You will also come across a new story that is a part of this mod and will start in the 3039 unravellings when the helm core technologies just started to appear.

This mod is a collection of various other mods, and you can also choose to install and one mod separately.

Benefits of the Roguetech mod

➢ You can now get a collection of many mods in a single mod

➢ This mod will make the game very challenging and also turn it upside down

➢ The mechs will be costlier, and the stories will get more realistic

➢ You can build massive mechs with the money you have

➢ There is an addition of a story that you might enjoy

➢ This mod will add a plethora of replayability which will be great for the hardcore gamers


➢ It gives you a new challenging experience altogether

➢ Easier to build massive mechs

➢ The new edition of the story will be quite interesting

➢ Makes the game a more sandbox kind

➢ Turns the game upside down and gives the necessary thrills


➢ You might have to delete all the saves of your games in order to install this mod, and that can be really difficult for the players

These are some of the mods that you should probably try if you want some major tweaks in the game to make it even more interesting.

Is it dangerous to download a mod

Downloading any file from a dangerous website can be an issue because it always carries a risk. That is why it is always recommended to download from trusted sites that provide mods. Mods will make the necessary modifications to your game. Therefore, it is entirely harmless to download mods for any of your PC games without any hesitation.

How to choose the right mod?

You do not have to worry about choosing the right mods because the modders consistently post new mods for a plethora of games that cater to the player’s requirements.

You have to find out your requirement in the game and then find a mod that can fix it.

You can also read through the player’s reviews to get the right mod from useful websites. For the Battletech mods, you can choose from the mods given above.

Why is it necessary to install the mod?

It is unnecessary to install a mod, but if you are not satisfied with some part of the game or find a glitch in the animation, make a game more challenging, add a new story to your game.

You can surely go for installing the mod designed for it and make your game even more interesting, and you can also choose to turn off the features any time you want, and most of the mods will not interfere with the normal functioning of the game instead it will provide you with enhanced gaming experience.


Now that you know about the various Battletech mods, you can choose from these mods to enhance your gaming experience or make it as challenging as possible.

This turn-based strategy game has certain minor issues that are taken care of by these mods, and you can also choose to change the face of the game completely bu installing more powerful mods that can also add new stories and give you a great challenge.

You can also have an advantage over your enemies if you install these mods because you will have a certain degree of control over the game and your mechs, so choose your mods wisely and start having an advantage over your enemies.

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