5 Best Streaming Processors

Online streaming, whether for creating visual content for your viewers or your gaming necessities, can take a toll on your processor. You need a perfect processor that could cater to your needs at once.

But most of the time, we go in a dilemma while selecting a processor for our system.

Since gaming and streaming are entirely different, they need a completely different setup, making it difficult for one processor to fulfill your technological needs.

The main reason behind the different requirements is that gaming requires higher frame rates and resolution, which would need a powerful gaming GPU.

For video streaming, you need excellent video quality, and both of the needs can be addressed by getting a four-core processor with the best core strength.

Before the advancement of technology, a person would need two different computers: gaming and another for streaming, but today things have changed for good.

Now you can buy good processors with lots of cores, and many leading brands have hyped the competition by providing its user with better versions at affordable prices.

Here are the five best CPU for streaming that you may cater to your needs:

Best streaming processors

➢ Intel i9 9900k

➢ AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

➢ Intel i7 8700k

➢ AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x

➢ AMD Ryzen 5 2600x

We will discuss the specifications and the various features it has to offer to its users in detail, including the processor’s strengths.

You can decide for yourself which of these processors will suit your needs.

Intel i9 9900k

If you are looking for the best processor for streaming that can give you excellent quality of CPU gaming and streaming, then Intel i9 9900k is what you were looking for! 

It has all the right specialties for providing you with a seamless experience with its 16 threads and 8 cores, which can provide you a robust streaming and gaming experience.

This is the fastest CPU for both gaming and streaming, and the Intel brand has never stopped providing high-quality processors to its customers.

But the only downside the customers might point out is it $100 price, which can be debatable, and the features will explain whether it is worth it.

We will know more about its features as well as pros and cons for you to decide whether to buy it or not:

Features of Intel i9 9900k

➢ Streaming is effortless to handle as it has 8 cores and the speed of the multi-core processor has increased too

➢ It uses Solder Thermal Interface Material which helps to lower the temperature even when you are streaming for long hours

➢ It has a 3.6GHz to 5GHz clock speed which is pretty good for multi-tasking

➢ It consists of a 16 MB cache, and the Overclocking is also enabled

➢ It also consists of 16 PCIe lanes which makes it easier for your processor to perform well


➢ Its Hyperthreading performance is the highlight 

➢ It gives you an above-average gaming performance

➢ It has an excellent 5GHz clock speed

➢ Compatible to both single-threaded and multi-threaded scenarios


➢       It uses a lot of power

➢ Can be overpriced for some people

AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

The Intel and AMD have been competitors for quite a long time when it comes to providing the best streaming and gaming processors.

They have experimented with several cores and the core strengths to finally come up with the best AMD Ryzen 7 2700k, which has everything you need to stream.

Streaming requires a lot of encoding and playback, which makes it all the more complicated and calls for the best processor to accomplish the task faster.

Streamers use multiple programs like Twitch and steam, which has to run in the background.

The Ryzen for streaming makes it easier for the streamers to use multiples programs as well as provides them with features like the 3.7Ghz, which can go up to 4.3Ghz.

It not only gives excellent performance in streaming but also in gaming; it provides a faster frame rate and a great resolution of 1080p.

You can also go through the various features it has to offer:

Features of AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

➢ It consists of 16 threads and 8 cores

➢ It has a clock speed of 3.7 GHz base clock and 4.3GHz boost clock

➢ It uses the new StoreMI technology for giving you the best performance

➢ It has the dimensions of 1.6 x 0.3 x 1.6 in

➢ It requires a 1 Lithium-Ion Battery 

➢ It works best on DDR4 SDRAM


➢ It has a Backward Compatibility

➢ It consists of a cooler while shipping

➢ It provides high value for the money you pay

➢ The heat is managed effectively


➢ Overclocking also needs higher cooler backups

➢ Single-core performance is not as expected

Intel i7 8700k

The cheaper alternative to all the best processors is the Intel i7 8700k because it offers all the features of the best processor at an affordable price and provides the value for your money.

It is one of the best streaming processors that consists of 6 core and 12 thread combinations, giving you the best experience when it comes to streaming and gaming.

The Intel cores are famous for having the best IPC i.e. Instruction Per Cycle, which simply means that it has great processing power.

The base clock speed is also set at 4.7GHZ, which is more than you would require to get the job done and, surprisingly, without any overclocking. Since streaming needs a lot of encoding to be done, the 8700k provides its users with a fantastic encoding strength.

It is an excellent processor for both the gaming and streaming because it can handle heavy encoding as well as massive games.

Here is some additional information for you to know more about the specifications of the Intel i7 8700k:

Features of Intel i7 8700k

➢ It consists of 6 cores and 12 threads

➢ Without overclocking, it can give up to 4.7GHz clock speed

➢ It has a 12 MB cache

➢ For enhanced graphics and resolution it has an Integrated UHD Graphics 630

➢ Dimensions are 4 x 2 x 4.6 inches

➢ It weighs around 3.2 ounces

➢ It requires a 95 W power

➢ The socket is LGA_1151 type


➢ It is designed for gaming and streaming

➢ It has a great thread and core count

➢ It provides the highest clock speed than other processors

➢ It is affordable and provides the value for money


➢ It consumes a lot of power

➢ Newer models are available each day

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950x

The new addition to the AMD processors family is AMD Ryzen Threadripper, which has not fascinated the gaming community.

It can be used as a streaming processor but not for heavy gaming because it tends to heat up the processor a lot.

You can still enable the game mode, which engages the 8 cores of the Threadripper 2950x and gives you satisfactory performance while you indulge in gaming.

The downside to this processor is that the gamers do not love to restart the system each time to enable or kill those 8 cores.

If you are more into streaming, Threadripper can be your best choice.

You do not have to look elsewhere to get what you need for editing videos, adding music and doing everything for your streaming this processor is an all-rounder when it comes to all your streaming processes.

Features of Ryzen Threadripper 2950x

➢ It consists of 16 cores and 32 threads

➢ It has a 3.5 GHz base frequency and 4.4 GHz boost frequency

➢ It works on the Zen+ Architecture

➢ Quad Channel memory controller for more convenience

➢ It has dimensions of 3.1 x 2.2 x 0.3 

➢ It requires a power of 180W

➢ It has sTR4 socket model


➢ It is affordable and provides value for your money

➢ 64 PCI lanes which is much greater than the other processors

➢ It gives an excellent multi-threaded performance

➢ It is better than Intel Skylake which is costlier


➢ It does not have any cooler

➢ It consumes more power

AMD Ryzen 5 2600x

The x in its model number denotes that it is the best of the brad, the flagship product of the brand, and provides the best in class features.

They use the XFR, higher clock speeds with the overclocking capabilities. They are a bit more expensive than the Ryzen models previously released, and the overclocking offered by the processor is not used by many PC users but still is a good feature to have.

Most of the Ryzen models are not as expensive as this because they have a lot of features to offer to its users, including the powerful CPU coolers, and it also has a base clock speed of 3.4GHz and can be extended to around 3.9GHz.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you would not mind the price because it provides the best resolution and the frames.

The streaming will be smoother because of this processor and can be best for both the streaming and gaming.

Here are some of the features that you should know about:

Features of AMD Ryzen 5 2600x

➢ It consists of twelve threads and six cores

➢ The overclocking is enabled to 3.9 GHz

➢ It utilizes StorMI tech for the enhanced performance

➢ It weighs around 1 pound

➢ It requires a power of 65 W

➢ It has an AM4 socket model


➢ It is shipped to the customers with the cooler

➢ It provides backward compatibility

➢ It manages the heat effectively

➢ It provides value for the money you pay


➢ The overclocking causes a lot of heat and the cooler backup becomes a necessity

➢ The single-core performance is not satisfactory 

Buying guide for the best processors

Since you know the necessity of processors for both streaming and gaming, then you should know how to select the best processors for your needs.

They are the heart of any system, and you would want to choose the best processors because you do not want to compromise on the system’s performance.

Your experience in both gaming and streaming videos depends on the processor that you choose and the features it has to offer.

With the plethora of features such as clock speed, cache and the number of cores it becomes really confusing for users to choose the best processor therefore here are some tips for you to find the processor that suits your need and provides you with all the specification for smoother streaming experience:

The brand matters

The two leading brands that have been competing for quite a long time for the users’ attention by providing the best features are the Intel and AMD.

But the truth is they are the only brands that can give you all the great features, and the factors that affect the quality are the numbers of cores and the core strength.

The 5 best processors have been mentioned above with its features and specification you should look for all the significant features like the cache, clock speed, and the number of cores.

The brands mentioned above will provide you with satisfactory performance, and its price varies with the features it has to offer.

Find the CPU labels and generations

The CPU labels and generations are a good way to recognize which processor has greater performance than the other.

Usually, a higher number of generations indicates improved efficiency and greater performance.

You could see there were various variants of the Intel and AMD mentioned above, and the number of generations and labels has changed its specifications.

The generation is an easy way to find out which processor is the one you need for your gaming and streaming needs.

The number of cores and threads

If you want to be an expert in finding out the best processors for your streaming needs, you should not ignore the number of cores and threads the CPU offers you.

Since they are the most important part of the CPU that are a collection of small pieces packed together as one and perform various tasks simultaneously.

If you want your system to be good at multi-tasking, you should probably choose the processor with more cores and threads.

Each of the parts individually performs different tasks, thereby providing you with a smoother experience.

Clocks and the Instruction Per Cycle

You should keep your eyes open for the base clock speed and the Instruction Per Cycle in the processor specifications.

The MHz and the GHz are the ratings that represent the system’s ability to perform tasks each second by your processor, and it is also a representation of the speed of the individual cores.

If you are confused with two processors with the same generations, you should look for the clock speed because the one with the higher clock speed will perform faster than the other.

Integrated Graphics should be checked

The processors have made it possible to include graphics card chips in the same die without looking for a dedicated graphics card.

The processors with the F designation do not have graphics cards inbuilt in them, but the other forms will surely have one integrated into them.

The frames per second and their speed are necessary for good streaming quality, and you should be looking for a UHD 620, which can do 30 to 60fps and avoid stuttering frame rates during heavy gaming.

Power and thermal are necessary

You should also look at the power consumption and the energy needed to operate because if you cannot do what you want with a faster chip, what is the point of upgrading to a faster processor?

The power and thermal demands should be considered vital while selecting a processor.

You should look for the specification of how much energy and cooling it needs to run at its optimum level.

If you think it is satisfactory, then you can move forward. Additionally, you can also look for various user reviews to make sure that you have made the right decision.

Understand various aspects of streaming

If you are looking for the best processor for streaming, you should know what goes into streaming apart from the frame per second.

The encoding, video editing, and adding music to your videos also require you to run through different programs simultaneously.

The more applications you have, the more it changes the requirement of your system.

Once you know the amount of multi-tasking you are going to do, you can finalize the type of processor you want.

Expensive processors are difficult to maintain

The expensive processor can be challenging to maintain; you may realize it after getting your electricity bills.

The power consumption increases rapidly, and the processor will also get hot, the reason for your processor to heat up is the number of tasks that it is performing per second.

More expensive the processor more will be the performance. You will have to sacrifice one aspect of your processor to get most of its benefits, which is money.

If you can afford the electricity bill generated due to this, you can buy the expensive processor to enhance your streaming experience.

Be practical

Know your requirements before you jump into conclusions about your processors and be practical because you may end up buying a processor that may not suit your requirement.

These are some of the features that you should look for if you want to buy the best processor for your gaming and streaming needs.

Let us also answer some of the frequently asked questions that could clear some of your recurring doubts about buying the best processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMD better than Intel for the streaming and gaming? There is no obvious answer to this question since both the brands provide the best processors you can consider other constraints like cost and number of cores to analyze for the best processors. It also depends on your system, how it responds, and what it is capable of.

Can I use an older version of the CPU because they are cheaper? You can use an older version, but if you are looking for performance and speed, you should buy the latest versions because they are designed to overcome the previous performance issues and give you the best output.

Do I need high-end desktops for streaming? High-end desktops are also known as HEDT, and some of you might have the misconception that to stream, you need them. But the reality is you do not need a high-end desktop. You just need a good processor that gives you a great processing speed and frames per second. Even professional streamers do not use a High-end desktop, so do not let others fool you.

Final Thoughts

CPU is essential for streaming as GPU is necessary for gaming, but if you are looking for the best streaming processors, your search has ended here.

Now that you know the requirements for buying the best processors for your gaming and streaming needs, you can put your expertise to the test. Once you know what you are looking for when we say processors for streaming, you have become an expert in finding the best one.

The 5 processors mentioned are the best in providing you the features and speed that you need, but not all of them are perfect.

Some of them do have some disadvantages, but they will still provide you the value for your money. What are you waiting for? Get one of the above processors for a faster streaming experience and higher processing speed? 

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