20+ Best SIMS 4 mods

You probably love to live in your dream world while playing Sims 4 and it has allowed many players to enjoy their lives virtually.

Bringing imagination to life might have felt a little unrealistic, but the truth is that this simulation game proved to be your best friend.

You get to customize the personalities and lead a life of your own and the way you always wanted to. You can add your new experiences and everything that will imbibe a sense of true happiness in you.

With all the features that seem to make this game sound perfect, but the reality is there are glitches even in Sins 4, which is where you need the modding community to fix it for you.

The community of modders always make sure that there an extended family of gamers never faces a problem in their gaming.

Therefore, they have come up with mods to make sims 4 more fun.  Here are 20+ best Sims 4 mods that will enhance your EA gaming experience and give you everything that was missing in the game plus the entertainment:

Best Sims4 mods

  • Custom food interactions
  • MC command centre
  • Murphy bed fixes
  • Height Slider
  • Gender Preference Mod
  • Fairies Mod
  • Stoves And Cooking In Dorms
  • ATM, Credit Cards And Loans
  • Default Easel Paintings Replace
  • Deadly Spellcaster
  • Emotional Inertia
  • SuperSpeed Mod
  • Daily Save Mod
  • Lifetime skills
  • Turbodriver
  • Age Up Friends
  • Choose Roommates
  • Sim Realist
  • No Empty Venues
  • Balanced Calories

Custom food interactions

You might be bored with the same food that your sims are making and it is annoying to see the same thing again and again.

So to spice things up the custom food interactions have come to the rescue as your sims can now make any food right from tandoori chicken to a great salad.

You can choose from the custom food, and you have it right in your table, but it is all virtual. But the best part is this mod makes the game even more realistic and interesting at the same time.

Features of Custom food interactions

  • New menus added are – Make Custom Food, Make Custom Gourmet Food, Make Custom Toddler Food, Grab Custom Snack and that is more than you can ask for
  • It enables new custom recipes to appear in the fridge and stove recipe picker
  • It Requires both the .package and .ts4script files
  • It also requires frequent updates for the patch as well as for the addition of new food resources
  • For the actual recipes, you need to download the individual recipes since the mod adds new menus to the fridge and stove
  • Adds new menus to the fridge and stove


➢ Makes the game interesting

➢ Brings new recipes to the table

➢ Makes the game realistic


➢ Too many recipes to choose from

MC command centre

The sims players could not thank enough for this mod since it helps the players to deal with the most crucial aspect of the game that is the control over certain feature and is one of the best sims 4 mods.

The features such as the lifespans, bill frequency, etc. make it difficult for the player to play without control over it but the MC command centre mod helps the players to gain control over these features and Sims becomes the perfect game ever.

Features of MC command centre

  • You can eliminate weird clothing if you wish to
  • You can control the in-game clock; therefore, the time can fly if you want to
  • You can now maintain the appearance of your Sims
  • You can control everyone around you in the world of sims
  • You can command alien abduction
  • You can also solve people problems


➢ You can play the game by your rules

➢ You can have control over the features you did not have control over before

➢ You can change the unwanted aspects of the game easily using the MC command centre


➢ You still cannot control all the aspects of the game

Murphy bed fixes

Since the Murphy bed brings ease to the sims by providing them with enough space when they need to by stoving it away, it might be considered good but contrary to that the Murphy is actually fatal to the sims.

The Sims 4 had the addition of Murphy bed with the hope that something great would happen to the players, but the reality is the Murphy bed malfunctions and brings the fear of death in Sims.

Modders come to the rescue by providing the players with the Murphy bed fixes that help solve the issue

Features of Murphy bed fixes

  • It ensures the sims are not killed by the malfunctioning of the Murphy bed
  • It upgrades the bed, and it’s functioning
  • The bed can be stoved away for making more space without the fear of death


➢ No more fear of the bed

➢ Extra space availability

➢ New mattresses


➢ You still have to check for other issues

Height Slider

You might have wished for a change of your sims character’s height, and the wish remained unfulfilled until the height slider mod came into existence.

This mod is necessary for those who love to increase or decrease your heights at will by simply dragging the mouse.

Your characters will have a unique height, and normal actions would seem a bit different.

Features of Height Slider

  • You can increase or decrease your height at will
  • You can simply slide your mouse for the desired height
  • Each of your sims can have a unique height


➢ Sims can customize their heights too

➢ No more craving for shorter sims


➢ Actions like hugging and kissing may look very different and weird

Gender Preference Mod

Love in any form is accepted in the real world, then why should it be any different in sims 4; therefore, the new gender preference mod helps the players to choose their gender preference.

The players can simply slide using their mouse and select from male, female, or both and choose their gender preference.

Some of you might have been eagerly waiting for this mod, and here they are with the right features just for you.

The sims 4 cc also gives you everything that you ever want

Features of Gender Preference Mod

  • You can romantically involve with any gender of your choice
  • You will have complete freedom of choosing
  • This mod helps you to live your virtual life at your own will
  • You do not have to be afraid of your gender preferences


➢    Easier selection of the preferred gender

➢ Sims 4 becomes more realistic with the addition of this mod


➢ Increases your flexibility as players

Fairies Mod

We have all been through a phase where we want to be fairies and do a little magic in our lives, and it is definitely not possible in real life.

But this mod helps you to change your Sims into fairies and enter into a completely different realm of magic.

This mod gives it players everything that make them feel magical.

Features of the Fairies Mod

  • Your sims can have wings and fly in the virtual space
  • You can do magic and also have beautiful visuals
  • The animation captures the attention of the players
  • You can have a good and bad aura


➢ You can live in the fantasy world of yours

➢ Your sims can do magic and also have wings

➢ You can customize your fairy look

➢ Your aura affects those around you


➢ Too many animations can be overwhelming to your system

Stoves And Cooking In Dorms

With the addition of Discover University in Sims 4 it allows you to stay in your dorm rooms as much as it may seem exciting there are drawbacks to it.

The modders can never be at peace knowing that the players are facing the issue of some sort with this and they introduced stoves and cooking in dorms mod to allow the sims to cook.

Since it is not allowed to cook in the dorms now, this mod makes that possible too so you can try your hands on this more for some dorm cooking.

Features of Stoves And Cooking In Dorms

  • You can now cook in the dorms
  • Addition of new grills and stove in the dorm
  • No more microwave food for the student sims
  • You can experiment with some new food


➢ Allows sims to cook in the dorm

➢ Adds new grills and stoves


➢ There can be space issues in the dorm room

ATM, Credit Cards And Loans

Since there should be a tinge of reality in the game, the modders have now introduced the ATM, Credit cards, and loans like feature with their new mod.

Now you cannot easily buy things you will have to keep a tab on the loans that you take and the time to return them promptly.

This can make virtual life a little bit tough.

Features of ATM, Credit Cards And Loans

  • Increases the spark of realism in the game
  • You need to keep a check on the amount of money you are spending
  • You can now avail loans, but you will have to pay it properly
  • Makes the game a little more challenging


➢ Realistic gaming

➢ You can effectively manage your loans

➢ You can have access to virtual money


➢ Some players might not like the difficulty in their favorite game

Default Easel Paintings Replace

You might not like the generic artworks present in your game and maybe disappointing to find that most of the paintings do not match the aesthetics of the decor.

So the modders present to you with the Default easel paintings replace mod where you can swap those paintings for the better one and make your place look better than it was.

You can also customize the decor using your own paintings, and sims 4 faster painting  allows you to decorate your place in no time.

Features of Default Easel Paintings Replace

➢ Amazing paintings available to suit your decor

➢ No more boring paintings sitting on the wall

➢ You can customize the paintings according to your needs

➢ You can place your own paintings


➢ You can enjoy the beautiful decor

➢ You can choose the best paintings to pop out your decor

➢ You can make your own paintings with creativity


➢ You will have to spend time in paintings

Deadly Spellcaster

Magic is always the subject of fascination, and the sims 4 game is no exception; therefore, the modders have developed a deadly spellcaster mod to cause mayhem in the realm.

This game cannot get more interesting than this and that you can enjoy the magic while it lasts. Your fascination for sim 4 can increase after the usage of this mod

Features of deadly spellcaster

➢ The sims have a new spell to learn 

➢ It introduces another aspect of magic to the sims

➢ Makes the game more interesting

➢ Allows the sims to cause mayhem in the realm


➢ You can get more of magic 

➢ You can learn new spells and cast them

➢ You may feel powerful


➢ It can also have a negative impact on the game

Emotional Inertia

The players would naturally want a realistic gaming experience with real-time emotions, and Sims 4 is also designed in a way to imbibe emotions in the players.

But that is just not enough the players want the game to be more immersive, and for that, the modders have come up with an Emotional inertia mod that will allow the sims to show emotions that are authentic and not made up

Features of Emotional Inertia

➢ Enhances the immersion of the game

➢ Maintains real-time feeling

➢ Emotions persist for a long time

➢ Change of mood is not predictable

➢ The emotions seem real thus captures the attention of the players


➢ Increases the reality of the game

➢ You will have more interest in the game

➢ You will get all the emotions from the sims

➢ You will find authentic feelings


➢ Sometimes the feeling can be less accurate

SuperSpeed Mod

If you are not happy with the pace of the game, you might not be alone since most of the players find it very tedious.

Therefore the modders have designed the super speed mod to overcome the difficulty of speed and give the gamers the maximum speed.


Once you get this mod, you will reach the maximum speed that you want, and you will never feel the pace is very slow anymore.

Features of SuperSpeed Mod

➢ Your sims can do the daily chores must faster

➢ The game becomes more interesting

➢ It will not take your sims much longer to complete the works

➢ Your sims can reach the maximum speed


➢ Your sims can move much faster

➢ Things get done faster


➢ The speed might be too much for some players 

Daily Save Mod

You will face many challenges during the game, and it is also possible to get killed or fail in a mission, but that should not stop you from starting over from the same place.

Since it is not possible to undo your mistakes, normally the modders have come up with the solution of a mad that can help you undo your mistake.

It accomplishes that by seven rotating slots and gives you a chance to advance in your games

Features of Daily Save Mod

➢ You may die in a fight, but you can now undo it

➢ You can undo the house which you’re burnt

➢ Your sims may never have to lose their progress


➢ Never lose your progress

➢ You will be more interested in the game

➢ You can get much second chance


➢ Second chances can make the game less challenging

Lifetime skills mod

To start over from the very beginning can be really annoying, and this feature of Sims 4 can make many players angry.

Since your sims have learned and maxed out many skills that may not be carried over to the next age.

The modders have come up with a lifetime skills mod that can help the players to carry over their maximum skills to the next stage and not having to start over

Features of Lifetime skills mod

➢ Your sims can carry over the skills that they have gained so far

➢ No need to start over

➢ Makes game easier to play

➢ May increase your chances of accomplishing a mission faster


➢ Increases your chance of completing tasks faster

➢ No need for a do-over

➢ Easier to carry your lifetime skills from your childhood


➢ Can make the game easier


If you want to get rid of the animation glitches and bugs that tend to make your sims stuck at a single place. To avoid such weird encounters in Sims 4 the Turbodriver mod helps the player to fix the bug and play without any issues.

Idle animations can get really annoying, and at the same time when you play legacies you do not want to face it

Features of Turbodriver

➢ Fixes the major bug

➢ Clears out idle animation

➢ The gameplay is smoother during legacies

➢ You will not have any sims that are stuck


➢ No more animation glitches

➢ Idle animations will not be a problem

➢ Smoother gameplay


➢ The system might have to strain a bit

Age Up Friends

If you want your sims to grow up and not let it become abnormal, then you should probably look for this mod.

You will be surprised that the modders community has a solution for all your gaming issues, and this is one of them.

This mod allows you to age one individual, and your sims friends will also age accordingly which makes the process much easier

Features of Age Up Friends

➢ Lets all the simps of the same age group as the one whose age is increased to grow as well

➢ Makes the process easier

➢ Your sims will not look abnormal

➢ All their friends will grow up accordingly


➢ You do not have to wait for the sims to grow up

➢ You do not have to worry about your sims friend for age-related issues


➢ Makes the game much easier to play

Choose Roommates

Discover university has made it difficult for your sims to hang out with random townies, and they do not get to choose their roommates.

With the new choose roommates mod, you can do more than just choose your favorite roommate you can also share stories.

Features of choose roommates

➢ You can choose to stay with anyone you like

➢ You can share stories

➢ You do not have to hang out with random townies

➢ You will be more comfortable


➢ Freedom to choose the roommates

➢ Ease of getting along in the college and dorm


➢ Can pose an issue at a certain point


Sim Realist

It is easier in the game to not worry about any bills and live a carefree life, but some modders beg to differ.

They have introduced a mod named sim realist that would make the game more challenging by providing you with the bills that you have to settle.

Features of Sim realist

➢ Makes the game more real

➢ Addition of billings

➢ The game becomes a little challenging

➢ You will be more responsible


➢ Brings realism into the game

➢ Makes the game more challenging


➢ Some players may not like the addition of billing

No Empty Venues mod

This is one of the most needed features of all because most of the time, your sims are left alone, and that makes the game look less realistic.

The new mod brings in sims everywhere so that the game is populated enough and makes it look realistic.

Features of No Empty Venues mod

➢ You will have sims everywhere

➢ Makes the game look more realistic

➢ It makes the venues look happening


➢ Streets are full of people

➢ No more empty venues


➢ Some people might not like it.

Balanced Calories

In real-world the calories work in an entirely different way and the game has to be realistic enough to bring the effect of the nice calories on your body.

Therefore the mod was introduced to make your sims increase and decrease their weight according to their diets.

Features of Balanced Calories

➢ The sims will have to work hard to lose weight

➢ The weight gain with calorie intake will be visible

➢ It will make the sims more realistic


➢ It will positively affect the gameplay

➢ More immersive and realistic gaming


➢ Weight gain can be depressing

Why do we need mods for sims 4?

➢ It fixes major bugs and gives you a smooth gaming experience

➢ It tweaks the graphics to enhance the user experience

➢ The gameplay becomes smoother

➢ It provides the player with a more realistic environment

➢ It gives the player all the necessary features


The mods as mentioned above are the sims 4 must-have mods which makes the game more realistic, and if you are someone who loves a lot of immersive gaming, then you should install these mods for a better gaming experience.

The benefits of the mods for Sims 4 may have convinced you to download it right away and keep on gaming so do not wait for anything instead of dive right into the game.

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