10 best Oblivion mods

If you are someone who loves to play Oblivion, then you must know about all the best oblivion mods available that can fix all the bugs and enhance your RPG gaming experience.

So, what are 10 best oblivion mods? The 10 best Oblivion mods are

  • Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul
  • Midas’ magic spell of Aurum
  • Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod
  • The unofficial Oblivion patch
  • Unique landscapes
  • Qarl’s texture pack III
  • Deadly Reflex
  • DarNified UI
  • Natural Environments
  • Martigen’s monster mod

Modding communities have worked hard to give the best mods to the Oblivian game to make it one of a kind and entertain the gamers with some more exciting levels. The modders have now managed to create mods that can take the game to the whole new direction and gives you more power over your foes.

The best oblivion mods are discussed with all the features it has to provide right from the Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul that sets different level caps to the Midas’ magic spells of Aurum that can nuke your enemies with god-like powers. 

Why do you need mods for Oblivion?

Oblivion is a great RPG only of you have the handpicked mods listed below because they make this Elder Scrolls series even more exciting.

Mods help with a plethora of bug fixes ranging from small to big, but the user has to choose from the best mods available to enhance his gaming experience.

The mods can add total game conversions to a new questline, and one should not forget the cities and regions it can add to the existing game scenario.

The mods essentially improve your gaming experience by providing you with the best UI and improved sound effects, including other issues since it also addresses the games’ other flaws or problems.

Here are some of the mods that you should be looking forward to installing. We will understand each of these mods and the unique features it has to offer to its player to level up there role-playing game journey.

Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

When you are playing Oblivion on a regular pace, then you get the same amount of challenge at each level, making it predictable and at the same time a little boring.

With the Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul Mod you change the level caps at different areas to face more challenges and also make the place like Cyrodiil into an unpredictable wilderness.

This mod also enhances other aspects of game magic which is now easier to cast, and the creatures that you will be encountering in this mod will react to your realistically due to the presence of AI.

The boss characters are also spread across the world for making each level even more challenging than before, and this mod is Oblivion best mods available for download including the other mods we will be discussing after this.

If you install these mods, you will get the gaming experience of a true RPG, and you will never lose interest the only important part to concentrate is to find the best mods and install it to enhance the true essence of an RPG.

Once you install this amazing mod you will come across various relics the mod has to offer such as the blades, Valenwood arms, and other such weapons. This inclusion will be helpful for you to load up your weapon stash, and this mod provides the right amount of excitement that you need out of this oblivion game.

You will come across various characters that will make each level a bit more challenging and thus increasing your interest in this wonderful RPG.

Features of Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul

  • It includes new relics and various characters that will make Oblivion even more interesting
  • This mod can provide you with a challenging level in Oblivion
  • Magic easier to cast and also brings in new characters to the game


➢ Makes Oblivion even more interesting

➢ You can get your hands on various weapons such as secret weapons

➢ Introduces new characters in Cryodiil


➢ It might raise the difficulty of the game a little bit

Midas’ magic spells of Aurum

If you think your magic is not working in the Oblivion you can reimagine whole new set of powers with the Midas’ magic spell that can help you to nuke your foes in no time.

You can do a lot more after you install this mod because it allows you to turn your enemies into gold as the title of the mod itself suggests you will have the power of Midas’s touch.

You can even ride a magic carpet if you wish to because the mod provides you with 7 new areas and you can easily zoom past these areas in your magical carpet that will take you to places you want to go.

The Oblivion is added with many magical abilities after the installation of the Midas’ magic spells of Aurum and also provides the gamers with the transformation powers.

The mod promises its player that it will maintain the balance in the Oblivion game yet you will be so powerful that you can kill anyone who stands in your way.

You will have the best lightning storm ability and all the magic powers you need in order to make your way through the game. You will gain access to powerful spells that will kill your foes in an instant, and nothing can stand in your way once you want to kill it.

The mod also adds seven new areas including the power to summon a balrog this makes the RPG an interesting game with no loophole for disappointment.

Features of Midas’ magic spells of Aurum

  • You will be more powerful than ever
  • You get the lightning storm ability that helps you kill your enemies at ease
  • You will be able to get access to numerous spells
  • It adds seven more areas to Oblivion


➢ Your opponents cannot defeat you easily

➢ Yo have the power of Midas touch

➢ Provides transformation power


➢ It makes the player powerful, so the enemy gets killed easily

Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod

You can download all the best and the latest mods available on the internet by visiting oblivion nexus, and it also provides the gamers with the latest tips the players need.

You can also scroll through the new, trending, and the most endorsed mod to install it and enhance your gaming experience.

Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod is similar to Oscuro’s overhaul in certain ways, such as increasing the level of difficulty and the number of characters in a particular area.

Even for beginners in the Oblivion game, this mod provides you with a forgiving experience especially when you are at lower levels, and you should install this mod if you want to some variable and interesting experience in the game.

The game can be really cumbersome if you do not have an element of surprise every now and then because RPG is all about excitement and new challenges that you get to face on each level.

You also have the privilege to turn off the feature that you do not wish to see, and you can play the game in its true sense without much of the alterations, but it is still recommended to install any of the best mods to keep the thrill alive in your game.

The mod can fix the bugs and provide you with a set of great features including enhanced graphics.

Therefore, it is always recommended to install a mod and add more ingredients to Oblivion.

Since you also have a choice of turning on and off certain features, you can get the core experience of the Oblivion as well as keep the changes that you like the best in the game.

Features of Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items Mod

  • You can turn off unwanted features
  • It introduces new characters
  • Increases the difficulty level of the game
  • Enhanced graphics makes the game look even better


➢ You can also experience Oblivion’s true essence of gaming

➢ It provides interesting characters that keep you engaged

➢ Even beginners can play using this mod


➢ Too many characters can overwhelm the players

The unofficial Oblivion patch

This is an essential mod and should be your first choice if you want to fix a lot of bugs in the game since it has a lot of bugs even after Bethesda finished patching the Oblivion.

You can get rid of 1800 floating rocks and all the twitchy animations that you do not want to see anymore and then play the game only with its great features.

There are separate patches available for the expansion including the DLC, but this patch can help you fix the major bugs that you have been trying to get rid of.


If you plan to visit the shivering isles, then make sure you install one of the mods available or this patch to play the game minus the unwanted animations.

There are various bugs such as the showracemenu console command crashes the game for no reason, and there are items that disappear in the inventory so the unofficial Oblivion patch can help you with these bugs fixes and help you play the game at peace.

Features of The unofficial Oblivion patch

  • Fixes more than 1800 bugs
  • Takes care of twitchy animations
  • You can play in the shivering isles area
  • You can use console commands without the game crashing


➢ Major bug fixes

➢ Fixes animation issues

➢ The game does not crash when console command is used


➢ Some bugs are still unresolved

Unique landscapes

If you want a mod that can completely alter the view of the location Cyrodiil into a handcrafted masterpiece, then you should download and install the unique landscapes mod and enjoy the new view of the Cyrodiil.

This mod has a different author, and each has their own perspective of looking at the location and bringing in design that can make the location more realistic and bring the elements that engage the player right from the start.

The authors make sure that all locations have their own unique aspects to ensure that no two locations should look alike and in the same manner the 22 areas in the mod have been completely revamped.

This mod works better with some of the other packs such as the Qarl’s texture pack which we will be discussing after this and the natural environments.

The amalgamation of all three will ensure that you see the Cyrodiil at its optimum beauty, and you will be astonished to see it.

You can experience the beauty of the game and also come across various design changes made by the unique landscapes, and it is also necessary to find out the other mods that can combine together and give you the best experience of the Oblivion game.

There is no excitement in playing without some scenic beauty around you in each location.

Features of Unique landscapes

  • Makes the Cryodiil look even more beautiful
  • Engages the player more than other mods
  • 22 different areas with unique elements
  • Some of the best design changes 
  • Works well with other mods too


➢ More areas to play in

➢ Realistic designs

➢ Works with other mods

➢ Increases the scenic beauty


➢ You need other mods in combination with this mod for optimum results

Qarl’s texture pack III

This texture pack is one of the best that you should install and pair with the aforementioned mod for an enhanced view of the location.

Qarl’s texture pack is one of the most famous texture packs when it comes to the Oblivian’s textures, and you should also check for its compatibility in your device because the pack comes in different forms to cater to the needs of various PC specs but does not promise to suit all the machines.

So, you should make sure to install the package that is compatible with your machine and do not overload it with unwanted packs.

You can even go for the low-resolution version even they can show a large improvement, but the truth remains that the largest ones are the ones that revamp the Cyrodiil completely since it also addresses the intricate details of each and every aspect of the Cyrodiil.

Features of Qarl’s texture pack III

  • The best texture pack available for Oblivion
  • Provides the best graphics for the game
  • Addresses the intricate details of the design
  • Revamps the look of the game


➢ Cryodiil looks much better

➢ Works fine in low resolutions too

➢ Provides good details to the design


➢ You need higher resolution, and this pack may not be compatible with all PCs

Deadly Reflex

If you want an addition to the Oblivion’s combat techniques, then you can install this mod to help you to get your hands on new maneuvers that can help you in keeping your enemies at bay.

This mod adds the strategic depth that was needed in the Oblivion game, and after the installation of Deadly reflex, you can easily stun your opponents or even dodge the incoming attacks and just finish off your opponents with your deadly moves.

You can impale your opponents in no time, and that is what makes this one of the essential oblivion mods of all and you need to install it to kill your opponents with maximum force possible.

If your opponent also follows the same tactics, then the game can be more interesting because you will be able to fight off with the same intensity and that can take the game to the next level.

Combat between equal opponents makes it look and feel more visceral, and the critical hits that you make will kill your opponent leading to instant death.

You can also opt for stealth kills which will make this game all the more interesting and enjoyable since mods are necessary to make your game feel at its best and deliver you the excitement you were looking for you should be able to choose the best mod that can make it happen.

Features of Deadly Reflex

  • Adds ore moves for you to kill the opponent
  • Critical hits kill the opponents at once
  • Impale your opponents in no time
  • Introduces a new strategy
  • Increases the excitement of the game


➢ New maneuvers

➢ Easy to kill the opponents

➢ Increases the excitement of the players


➢ If the opponent has the same skills, it will be difficult to win

DarNified UI

 You may have become bored with the clunky interface and would want to change the whole looks of it yet you do not seem to find a solution to it.

You can just install the DarNified UI to change the way the interface looks and feels completely.

It works its magic on the Oblivion’s user interface to make it look the best by renovating every menu screen and make it work at its optimum level on your monitor.

Since the user interface of any game is what captivates the player to start playing the game and a lame UI will result in the players losing interest in the clumsy game.

The world map is also changed into a beautiful detail illustration for the players to go through and understand the map more conveniently. This is one of the oblivion graphics mod that makes the game look slicker and easier for the players to use additionally, this works really well with the other mods available too.

Features of DarNified UI

  • One of the best graphics mod for Oblivion
  • The map is beautifully illustrated the fonts are smaller
  • The menu screen is easy to navigate


➢ Makes the map more convenient to read

➢ Smaller fonts

➢ Easier navigation through screens


➢ The fonts can be smaller

Natural Environments

Natural Environments is one of the best oblivion mods for PC that makes the look and feel of the game even more subtle and changes the view to a whole new level.

It contains a series of subtle updates that can give good effects to the Oblivion, such as the weather effects that make the game look more realistic.

You will also come across various other effects such as the revamped water effects and foliage tweaks and will also be able to see a lot of animals and birds in the game.

Cryodiil will now feel like our world with all the creatures that can make u realize you are playing in a living and breathing world which can be absolutely amazing if you do not want the game to look like any other games detached from the world.

With the addition of mods, the game that you play can feel more realistic, and that is what RPG games are all about.

It will give the players the look and feel they expect by doing some minor tweaks to the animations and the surroundings to engage the player in the game for a longer period of time. 

Features of Natural Environments

  • Makes the game feel more real
  • Addition of new animals and birds 
  • Minor tweaks to animation make the game look more lively
  • You feel the game is more realistic with a living and breathing world


➢ More realistic gaming

➢ Better animations

➢ Animals and birds added


➢ Some players might feel overuse of animation at some places

Martigen’s monster mod

Oblivion cannot get more interesting than this because after the installation of this mod you can see over 150 different types of creatures and enemies which will make the game even more interesting.

Similar to Oscuro’s overhaul this mod also adds unique boss creatures that have their own different looks.

You will also be able to see new weapons and armor that you can make use of to face your opponents and kill them; this is a really great addition to the Oblivion and also was much needed.

You can easily run this mod alongside the Oscuro’s and the Fransesco’s mod you can install three of them on a single attempt and enjoy all the good things it has to offer to you and also get all the creatures of each of the mod in the Oblivion. 

Features of Martigen’s monster mod

  • It has more than 150 new characters
  • Includes many boss creatures
  • You can install Oscuro’s and fransesco’s along with this mod
  • New weapons and armor available


➢ Weapons and armors help you to be more reliable than the opponents

➢ You can install it alongside other mods too


➢ You have to make sure the mod is compatible with your PC

These are some of the mods that you should try in order to experience the best side of Oblivion and play in a realistic environment with a plethora of challenges. 

Guide for Oblivion mode

If you want to minimize the crashes and want to see less of the problem arising you should make sure to save the game each time and make sure to create new files each time instead of saving over other files.

This ensures that the game is saved correctly and does not often crash apart. Oblivion also needs some bug fixes and graphical changes which are taken care of by the mods that are mentioned above now we will look into the vital aspect of modding and its necessity:


Patches are necessary to be installed when you are opting for modding since they can fix a lot of bugs and may even help you get rid of some unwanted anomalies that you encounter in the game.

It is strongly recommended to overcome the major and minor issues faced in the game even after the Oblivion’s latest updates.

UI mods

UI mods make your game look and feel different and help your font to look smaller and your maps to look larger, it can also include some minor design changes that can make the UI of the game look less clumsy.

There are various mods available online for your download and can help you play your game even better with the ease of navigating through the game’s menus.


The texture packs can cater to all the graphical needs and the changes that have to be done. It also combines very well with other mods, so it is not at all difficult to install other mods along with the texture packs.

In Oblivion the Cryodiile looks more realistic and breathtaking after the installation of texture packs and various other mods. You can install the right combination for Oblivion and play this RPG game at its best.


Sounds are also something that your game should be best in, and there are various sound mods that you can install for that dramatic effect.

The best RPG is the right amalgamation of graphics, sound, and the UI so installing the right mods for them will solve many major issues and help you play the game at its best


These are some of the important aspects of modding that you should be able to understand before you install because they have the power to transform any game into an interesting one.

It can alter the way the menu looks, introduce new characters into the game, introduce new areas in the game, give a more realistic view to the game, and also fix a lot of bugs.

Overall, these mods are a necessity for RPG games like Oblivion, and the suggestions mentioned above are worth a try even if you are a newbie in the arena of RPG games. 

You should be able to understand the necessity of mods and chose the best to relish your game at its best.

Since mods have the power to revamp the whole game, you should also be able to find a balance between the mod experience and the game’s core experience. You can install the mods and the game online from your choicest website today

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