What mouse does Ninja use?

The one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale players in the world, Ninja, uses different keybinds and mouse for boosting his performance in the game.

So, what mouse does Ninja use? Currently, Ninja is using Finalmouse Air58 Ninja mouse. The mouse is a little big but lightweight and therefore can be used by anyone for better performance in the games.

Using a good gaming mouse has a lot of advantages over the traditional mouse. They are designed for better performance, good accuracy and improved response time without making your fingers tired after long gaming sessions.

In a game like Fortnite, you always need a better mouse for using key binds for easy accessibly of the actions you need to perform during games.

Before, going deep into the mouse that Ninja is using, it is better to know who Ninja is? Why should we follow Ninja gadgets?

Who is Ninja?

The original name od Ninja is Richard T. Blevins. He is one of the most famous Fortnite Battle Royale player and streams his game on YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, he has more than 11 million subscribers and when he streams online he has more than 100,000 viewers at a time.

Recently, he has started out streaming Halo and PUBG and we have seen a modest audience for these streams too.

Who doesn’t want to earn fame for playing his/her favourite game? Almost all of us! But, it requires a lot of devotion and patience to make your dream come true. However, reaching at such a competitive level requires a lot of practice and I can’t help you with that. But, keeping you informed about what gaming gadgets does your favourite player using can keep you informed and let you decide what to get to boost your performance in your favourite game.

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja – Ninja’s mouse

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja is the exclusive product that Ninja is using currently. The mouse is big and best suited for big hands but as it is lightweight (58g) it can be used by even short-hand people.

The Ninja’s mouse is a bit expensive but it is equipped with a plethora of features and abilities. The 500Hz sensor makes Air58 Ninja more responsive and faster. You can set DPI to 400, 800, 1600 or 3200, depending on what is required.

Like any other mouse, Ninja mouse too has two buttons on the top (Left and Right) and extra two buttons on the sides. The mouse also features a DPI button which is located just below the scroll wheel.

So, the design and build quality of the mouse is amazing for right hand users. Overall, it is a simple plug and play mouse with great gaming performance.

But there are some downsides of this mouse. The availability of mouse is the first and the most important downside.

Due to enormous demand, Finalmouse Air58 Ninja is mostly out of stock and the cost of the mouse is also much more than what is expected?

Ninja’s Previous mouse – Logitech G502

Since, Finalmouse Air58 Ninja is mostly out of stock, you must be thinking of an alternative to that. What can be the best alternative than the Ninja’s previous mouse? The Logitech G502 is the mouse used by Ninja before for playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

This mouse is also the top performer of all Logitech Mice that I tested and used earlier.

The Logitech G502 can upto a DPI of 12000 and the PMW3366 sensor it uses makes the mouse best for shooting games an Fortnite. Simply, with the balance of price and performance, you also get a mouse with top accuracy.

The most important feature that I like most is its comfortability. You can easily customize weight according to your comfort and the grips are also rubber made for better hold.

Logitech G502 has 11 buttons and each button can be customized with the help of Logitech software that comes with the mouse. The RGB lighting can also be customized accordingly.

Overall, you get a lot of features and customization abilities just in $50.

Some settings of Ninja’s mouse

Just using Nnja’s mouse doesn’t make you a pro gamer. You also need to check the setting which he uses and try if that goes well for you. We have listed some setting that Ninja uses for his mouse.

  • Sensitivity on X-axis – 0.8
  • Sensitivity on Y-axis – 0.7
  • Targeting sensitivity – 0.6
  • Scope sensitivity – 0.4

So, now you know that Ninja’s Air 58 is the best mouse for Fortnite but Logitech G502 is the closest one that you would need to have if you can’t get the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja.

We have also checked out the other devices that Ninja uses and below you will find the details of each of the peripherals.

Ninja’s Other Gears

Using just one best device can’t make you a pro gamer. There are a bunch of devices you need to be a pro gamer.

So, what keyboard does Ninja use? Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is the keyboard that Ninjs is using for playing Fortnite. The keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Speed Switches for better sensitivity and performance.

Ninja’s Keyboard

The Keyboard is an essential device that a gamer need for playing games. Apart from games, these are used for many different purposes. Either you are a writer or a typist, you need a keyboard.

So, what keyboard does Ninja use? Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is the keyboard that Ninjs is using for playing Fortnite. The keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Speed Switches for better sensitivity and performance

Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire is an extremely fast keyboard that comes with aircraft grade aluminium base. This keyboard is exclusively made for gamers and therefore has some features that you find benefitting only the gamers.

You can lock the windows keys present on your keyboard for preventing it from being pressed while you are in a game.

In Fortnite, Ninja builds the keys of the Logitech mouse. Right Scroll was used as L button and the lest scroll was used for U button. The forward was made to the O button.

So, if you are looking for top gaming keyboard, check the best gaming keyboards that we have reviewed.

Ninja’s Headset

Headset is one of the important gadget to have while playing ones. A good headset lets you know during battle games what is going around and is someone moving around you. The footsteps and sound of other activities.

So, what headset does Ninja Use? Ninja use Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headset for enhanced gaming experience. The headset provides high quality audio during games and comes with a replaceable velour ear pads.

If you are looking for an alternative to this headset, check out the best headsets for gaming.

Ninja’s Monitor

What makes a monitor best for gaming Experience? Certainly, the refresh rate.

So, what monitor does Ninja Uses? Ninja uses Alienware 2518 monitor which has a 25-inch screen and comes with a refresh rate of 240Hz. The monitor uses NIVIDIA G sync to keep the refresh rate go hand in hand with the GPU frame rate.

The monitor is made in such a way that it never lags while playing games and a customizable stand make it comfortable to rotate in a direction where you want it to be.

Settings that Ninja uses for his Monitor

  • Fullscreen Window with 1920*1080p resolution
  • The rate of frame is unlimited followed by 1080p 3D resolution
  • 3D resolution – 1080p textures, effects and view distance is set to epic
  • The Shadows and Anti-Aliasing is OFF
  • Low Post-processing
  • V Sync and Motion blur is Off. However, the FPS is ON

Our Verdict

I have included almost all the peripherals that ninja uses to boost his gaming performance. However, just getting the gadgets won’t make you a pro gamer, the practice makes you the best!

The all the above gadgets are just to help you out in being a pro gamer like Ninja.

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