What headset does Ninja use?

Headphone has always been a gadget to listen to music while jogging, cooking and most of the time when you need to relax yourself.

But, apart from listening to music, headphone can be of great use while playing games. Are you surprised? Most of us are playing PUBG or Fortnite and what makes us know about others sneaking around us in the game, the sound of the footsteps. So, don’t you think as other gadgets like keyboard and mouse are important for games then a good headphone is also required.

This is what makes a difference between a pro gamer and just a beginner. A pro gamer like Ninja and Tfue know what all gadgets they need during the game. However, a beginner goes for a good mouse, an expensive gaming keyboard but leave all gadgets.

Today, let’s talk about a headphone that is used by a famous Fortnite Player-Ninja. You must have seen him during online game streams either on YouTube or Twitch. But, do you ever imagined, why he has become the most famous player? Well, it is not because of just using a headphone, keyboard or a mouse, there must have been a lot of time and effort behind this.

But, it is also clear that he uses those gadgets which are the best and which really boost his gaming performance.

So, what headset does Ninja use? Ninja uses Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headset that comes with soft ear pads and has a frequency response of 5 to 35,000 Hz.

Why do you need a good headset for gaming?

In a game like Fortnite and PUBG, a good headset keep you informed about the gunshot fired and the position from where it has come. Apart from this, you can even hear the slight movement of the players nearby and therefore be ready for a battle.

This Ninja headset is one of the popular headset, maybe because it is used by Ninja but it really does it job. Yes, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is a bit pricey and comes at a price of $131 but you can’t decline the fact that the headset is one of the reasons of Ninja’s winning all the matches.

We came to know about this headset when Ninja tweeted it himself on his official channel. You can see the below tweet where he has put the link of the headset from the amazon.

Ninja’s Headset – Features and Specifications

The Beyerdynamic 990 PRO is a studio headphone that has been handcrafted in Germany. The quality of materials that is used in this headphone makes it a long term investment.

Since, the durability is better than most of the headphones and has soft ear pads makes it quite easy for Ninja to use this headset while streaming online for hours.

This open ear headset models have been used by professionals for years for mixing, mastering and editing.

Durability and comfortability is very necessary when you are using headsets for hours but at the same time you would never like to compromise on sound and therefore, this studio headset comes with wide stereo image and three-dimensional sound reproduction that really makes a statement.

This Ninja’s headphone has a high impedance of 250 Ohms, this is really very high and so you would require high power for this headset. If the power falls short than what is required, then it can damage the headset.

At the same time, you get a frequency response of 5-35,000 Hz. The 250 Ohm version comes at a price of $179 but you need a mixamp to use this. It is better to go for the same Beyerdynamic of lower version which has an impedance of 80Ohm.

Features of Ninja’s Headset

  • Headphone Type:Open Back
  • Impedance:250 Ohm
  • Cable:3 m coiled
  • Weight:250 g

Ninja has already stated that you need a mixamp to listen to the small sounds like footsteps and gunshots coming from distance in Fortnite. The more ability your headphone has to listen to these small sounds the better performance you could have in the game.

So, it is clear that you need a mixamp with your 250 Ohm Beyerdynamic 990 PRO. Let’s check what mixamp does Ninja use.

What mixamp does Ninja use?

This matt black mixamp that Ninja uses is from Creative Sound Blaster X7 and has some golden work on its switches and controls that gives it a very premium look.

The 24 bit 192KHZ High Resolution audio provides great sound quality and you can hear more details and nuances of your audio playback, be it in games, movies, or music.

The nest great feature is the kickass 100W stereo amplifier that can let you enjoy more powerful audio with crystal-clear details.

The built in Dolby Digital decoder provides cinematic true-to-life 5.1 channel playback in high resolution. The Sound Blaster X7 comes with software that functions as your personal sound controller, on your desktop, notebook, tablet, or smart device. Introducing the Sound Blaster X7 Control App and the Sound Blaster X7 Control software.

Most of the ampmix provides one wired jack but with Creative Sound Blaster X7, you get two ports to attach two different headphones at the same time, but this should not cross 600 Ohms.

We know that Ninja uses an external mic during streaming but if you don’t have an external mic then also you don’t have to worry as Creative Sound Blaster X7 has built in mic for you.

You can use this with your PS4, Xbox as well as a PC, this makes it handy.

Even if you have lower impedance version (80 Ohm) that doesn’t require mixamp, using Sound Blaster X7 really improves sound quality.


The $299 is an amount that can really burn out your pocket and so you should go for the lower impedance version. However, if the cost is not your concern and you want to better focus on your gaming sound and better performance in Fortnite, Creative Sound Blaster X7 with 250 Ohm is the best one for you.

Being better in Forntnte require lot of practice and good gadgets that can improve your gaming performance. You can check out the other gadgets that Ninja uses for Fortnite.

Other gadgets that Ninja use

Ducky One 2 mini Gaming Keyboard

The Ducky One 2 mini Gaming Keyboard is not only used by Ninja but one of the most popular player of Fortnite Battle Royale, Tfue, also use this, however, he uses it with some of his branded keybinds.

This keyboard is also considered as the best mini gaming keyboard for Fortnite that comes with Cherry MX Switches. Equipped with various RGB lighting modes and some unique modes makes it a bit superior to the other keyboards.

Some additional features

  • 10 additional PBT double – shot colorful keycaps (Random color)
  • Includes Ducky Year of the Pig Limited Edition spacebar
  • Brand new bezel design and Dual layer PCB
  • PBT double – shot seamless keycaps
  • Supports Ducky Macro 2.0, the most powerful hardware available in the market
  • 3 level adjustable feet and Detachable USB Type – C cable
  • Brand new RGB lighting modes and mode architecture
  • 60% size, lightweight and extremely portable

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