Find the top 10 games that support SLI

Before you jump to the games that support SLI, I would like to explain what really SLI stands for? I know there are beginners who want to know it, but if you are a pro then just jump to the top 10 games that support SLI section.

What does SLI stand for? Well, SLI is the Scalable Link Interface! Nowadays there are only a few SLI compatible PCs in the market. NVidia supports SLI.

As you know, NVidia depends on the output of multiple graphic cards that enhances your gaming experience. One can opt for NVidia for their PCs for a superb gaming experience with SLI being its driving force.

What does SLI support?

SLI has been one of the popular and most preferred for games a few years ago. This uses a slew of graphics cards to enhance and enthrall visually your gaming experience.

The following games support SLI and you are in for an enthralling experience. Most PCs support NVidia’s engine to give you the much-needed gaming experience.

You may opt for NVidia for your computer if you are to experience an exciting and thrilling game.

SLI support is essential for the final output of the game’s graphics for visual appeal.

What is SLI?

SLI runs on multi GPU NVidia technology that links more than two graphic cards that creates a single output.

Most of the time, SLI is used as a processing algorithm, to raise the level of the processing power of computer graphics.

Most games do not support SLI; if your computer is based on NVidia Multiple GPU, one could experience the enthralling game.

NVidia usually updates its drivers that support multi GPU. Importantly, you have to go with costly graphic cards that give you maximum output at present.

Single GPUs are not effective at all. Only multiple graphic cards work here that gives you an exciting visual experience.

If your computer is NVidia driven then going for multiple GPU is recommended for maximum effect of gaming experience. 

Since way back from the year 2004, the technology for SLI has been constantly upgraded to suit the modern time games.

NVidia drives SLI with multiple GPU set up. Now with the NV link, the bandwidth for SLI transfer multiplies by more than fifty times with the RTX series.

SLI supports two or more GPUs at a time. They can be 2-way SLI, 3-way SLI or 4-way SLI. This depends on one’s individual requirements regarding the gaming effects they want.

Regular updates are essential for SLI support. The game developers should release updates whenever they are available to keep the SLI support functioning without any hitch.

NVidia driver updates too are essential. Optimization of the game is due to an elaborate process that requires regular purpose-designed updates.

What Games support SLI?

Now, we have come to the list of top 10 games that support SLI. Here is a general list of games without any specific order and ranking. Best games support SLI. Let’s go!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Most Gamers whoever have played this game, consider it as one of the best ever. Casual and avid gamers love this game.

This game uses more than 60 frames per second with SLI technology. Thus giving an output that can enthrall and enthuse anyone who is playing the game.

This is an action RPG that can excite you and enthrall you to no end. A well-written story that is well planned and executed. A game that makes you immerse fully in the gameplay.

The combat play of the game keeps the Gamer’s nerves on an edge. This makes it even more thrilling and exciting. This games ranks among the best ever to be produced and supported by SLI.

The graphic effects and the 3D frames make it one of the best among the latest games in the market.  It is more like a fantasy movie that is epic in nature.

One cannot help but be riveted on the game and the story that is unfolding. However long you play the game, it keeps you immersed and engaged for hours.

Dark Souls III

Here is a game that keeps you occupied for hours. This RPG is an action packed thriller. It is about an unending stream of enemies who are difficult to kill.

In this process, you have to die a number of times while trying to conquer and kill the enemies. The enemy monsters are intelligent and adaptive; they change their attack modes frequently to put you on the wrong foot.  

These enemies are difficult and will not be dead that easily. They keep changing their attacking mode each time. These undead monsters keep coming at you in a continuous stream.

Moreover, the haunting music in the background and the situation on the ground makes the game a spectacle and gripping. 

While you are dead a number of times when trying to conquer the enemy, waking up again at the fire, and give a try repeatedly to conquer.

This is touted as one of the best gaming experience that is on offer in the present times. The game will leave you fulfilled and satisfied. It is worth it!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

When it comes to deciding between PUBG and Fortnite that support SLI. It is better to prefer PUBG as it is more famous that supports SLI.

Battle Royale games are more popular due to their appeal and gaming experience.

PUBG is known to be more battle royale oriented that enthralls the gamer no end. Every time the game is different.

Every time a new thrilling experience and fun to the gamer. The PUBG is played the most on Steam and is very popular.

Battle royale games have been in vogue since a long time in the gaming world. These have become most popular since the advent of PUBG.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda made SKYRIM as an open world RPG.

The game has unlimited options with action packed Skyrim Mods that is known for outstanding innovation.

It is an open world environment game. Bethesda made it more exciting.

The game is worth its weight in gold with ever-growing gamers.


This is one of the most tech savvy, innovative, unique games that support SLI. It is a shooter game with multiplayers. The game is fun and most exciting.The best shooter game so far in the gaming world.

The best part of the game is that it is reliant on multiplayer involvement and is much, much technical in nature. It creates a competitive atmosphere among all players who are involved in the game.

This game is the best in the gaming world, for its multiplayer gaming system. TITANFALL is among the SLI supported games.

With the advent of TITANFALL, the competitive gaming system has come to the fore with multiplayer involvement.  

TITANFALL has a huge number of gamers who are from different parts of the world.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This game takes you through lots of locales. Importantly, is one of the best stealth adventure MGS game.

In this game, the gamer comes across lots different kind of enemies while fending them off in style. It takes you to many locales of the world giving the rush in your blood.

The Phantom Pain is an open world atmosphere game taking on the enemies with stealth and adventure.

A gripping story and stealth gives you an exhilarating experience. The Phantom Pain is among the games that support SLI.

The Kojima’s latest version of MGS game, METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN is the best among the stealth and adventure games with open world colorful locales. This MGS game deserves the best.

Grand Theft Auto V

GRAND THEFT AUTO V is known to be one of the best ever and greatest games ever released. The game is smooth, immensely optimized, a treat to watch and play.

This is a gangster simulator game with a three-hero story. These heroes are fame hungry and keep looking for riches to loot.

The game was released on Xbox 360 years ago and still grabs the attention even today. The game is among the games that support SLI.

GRAND THEFT AUTO V is an open-world games that are innovative and ranks as one of the best ever. The gamers as well as the developers like this game.

Far Cry 5

FAR CRY 5 is a fiction-based version of Montana. Crazy and mad factions out to finish the rivals.

The game is full of colorful weapons and open world locales to add suspense to the story.

The FAR CRY 5 is among the games that support SLI.  This is an action adventure and a RPG too from the vault of Ubisoft.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This game is one of the recent launches in the year 2019. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is among the games that support SLI and is prominently displayed on NVidia SLI profile.

This high profile game has AAA title and certainly supports SLI. The game runs on two GPU cards and has a very good performance record with the most recent RTX cards.

The STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER is worth trying.

Deliver us the moon

This is a science fiction game with a uniquely action driven adventure story. Just like the Apocalypso where earth’s natural resources are scarce.

This drives the gamer to search and seek on the moon these resources to save the humankind on the earth.

The game has a wonderful effect on the gamers who are on the lookout for such Sci-Fi adventure and thrill.

To everyone’s surprise, this game runs on a single card and among the games that support SLI.  

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