Top 6 Best RX 580 Graphics Cards of 2020

When it comes to building a gaming rig that could cater to all your gaming needs then RX 580 stands out in the crowd due to its performance.

A true gamer would need a resolution of about 1080p to be able to play good resolution gaming titles but what could give you the desired output?

You might be in a dilemma about which RX 580 cards to purchase since there are a plethora of variants available in different brands.

Therefore, here is some information that you might need to buy the best RX 580 for gaming enthusiasts like you:

Why are RX 580 graphics cards better?

If you are looking for a graphics card that could give you a consistent performance throughout your gaming and VR gaming then you should be considering RX 580 as your first choice.

Since all of RX 580 do not give the same performance you can still rely on them for a 1080p resolution gaming.

The variants of the RX 580 may differ in size, cooling systems, or even performance but all of them are a little bit similar.

There are certain specifications that you need to look at for like the TDP, budget, and similar factors that can help you choose the best graphics card for your system.

Considering the fact that the users might want to know the best RX 580 available in the market here are the top 6 best RX 580 for gaming that will give you a great performance and a lag-free gaming experience:

6 best RX 580 graphics cards

  •  MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor
  • XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580
  • Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580
  • PowerColor Red Devil RX 580
  • XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition

We will elaborate on each of the RX 580 so that you get a clear understanding of their specifications and features for buying the right graphics card for your gaming rig.

MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor

MSI Radeon is specifically designed for gamers who play AAA titles for smoother gameplay and to help them enjoy immersive gaming with its great performance.

It has a lot of features packed in it especially for gamers with its 4th Generation GCN architecture.

The revolutionary Polaris architecture helps gamers to experience the world of VR gaming with a whole new perspective and the Radeon RX never fails to amuse its users.

It does not matter what the framerate is because AMD’s Free Sync Technology makes sure that the gamers do not experience choppy gameplay and experience an artifact-free performance.

The visual experience is much better compared to the other GPUs and delivers what is claimed by this RX 580 graphics card.

We can look at the other features this GPU has to offer followed by its pros and cons:

Features of MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor

  • It consists of 2304 units of core
  • It has a clock speed of around 1366 MHz
  • It has 8000 MHz of memory speed which is impressive
  • You will need a 500W PSU for this graphics card
  • It provides its user with an HDCP support
  • The power requirement of this graphics card is 185W
  • The output consists of a Display port x 2 and  HDMI slots


  • It is faster than Radeon RX 480
  • It is a great choice for 1080p gaming titles, good for 1440p, and solid for VR gameplay
  • Sapphire’s Nitro+ customizations look and work great


  • The higher power consumption can be a problem

XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580

It has all the features packed in it that will help the gamer experience the true sense of gaming in high-resolution monitors.

The new XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580 has all the future-ready technologies right from the optimized gaming performance to the best graphics for you waiting for you to install in your gaming rig.

It comes with a 4th Generation GCN graphics core and a brand new display engine with multimedia cores that will provide you with enhanced efficiency.

The Polaris architecture also makes sure that your GPU provides you with greater efficiency and you have a lag-free gaming experience.

It comes with a clock speed of around 1366 MHz which is the need for gamers to have a faster processing speed.

It has 2304 units stream processors which is an added benefit and you cannot ask anything more with this graphic card since it provides everything that a gamer might need.

Features of XFX GTS XXX Edition RX 580

  • It has a GPU clock of 1366MHz, Boost OC+:1386MHz 
  • It consists of Stream Processors  of 2304
  • It has a 256 bit Memory Bus
  • It also has a memory Clock of True:8.0GHz,  Boost OC+:8.1GHz 
  • It has a massive memory Size of  8 GB
  • Its memory Type is DDR5
  • It is compatible with the AMD Free Sync technology
  • The output consists of a Display Port, HDMI


  • Better and faster performance
  • Clock speed is higher compared to its counterparts
  • The memory size is 8GB


  • Power consumption can be an issue


This Asus’s graphics card claims to be very silent while it operates but you can still be able to hear the thrum of the fan and the blasts of air being pushed out.

Apart from that the ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580 provides good features to its users with a great design that might fit a mid-tower case.

You can take your gaming to the next level with this graphics card as it is packed with the all-new MaxContact Technology that provides two times more contact with the GPU for an improved thermal transfer.

The airflow is also maximized so that the GPU does not heat up and they provide you a cooler system.

You will also get an exclusive Aura Sync for customizing the RGB LED and helps to personalize your gaming system.

It is completely VR friendly and also provides you with an HDMI port to let you experience immersive gaming experience.

Features of ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580

  • It has an onboard video memory of 8GB
  • It has a clock speed of 1360 MHz which is a necessary feature
  • It has a 256 bits memory interface
  • It has the best cooling performance and provides a silent environment
  • It has a DVI and HDMI ports for the interface
  • It runs on ASUS GPU Tweak II


  • It looks like a more expensive graphics card but is affordable
  • It gives a great performance at 1080p and 1440p
  • It provides RGB LED lighting effects


  • It is oversized and may not fit your case
  • It constantly has a whining sound

Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580

If you are looking for a graphics card that allows you to experience gaming at a very high resolution then Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 is the best RX 580 card which you can choose.

It has a compact design that will fit most of the build and the sleek design helps to save up some space too.

It is said to be the quietest GPU as compared to the others and provides a cooler environment to the system without heating it up.

It provides a great component quality which is highly reliable and the RX 580 is the fastest of all the other variants available from the brand.

It has a new-age dual X cooler that makes sure the heat is not built up inside and does not hamper your components.

It is built on the future proof Polaris Architecture that helps you play the 1080p games with ease and gives way for a better performing graphics card.

It provides a VR friendly environment with a dual HDMI port and also provides you with the immersive gaming mode that gives you an experience of the premium gaming arena.

Features of Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580

  • The engine clock speed can go up to 1411 MHz
  • It has the onboard memory of 8GB
  • It consists of an 8GB memory
  • It is great for 1440p gaming
  • It has features like NITRO Glow and Quick Connect
  • It consists of Dual-X cooling
  • It has Dual BIOS, RGB illumination, Two replacement fans included, Blu-ray power consumption reduced, Backplate included, HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4


  • It is faster than the GeForce GTX 1060
  •  It has a large overclock out of the box
  • The GPU is Quiet during gaming
  •  Fans turn off when left idle


  • Very high power consumption
  • Memory is not overclocked

PowerColor Red Devil RX 580

This is the true devil when it comes to gaming and provides the best graphics to the gamer for optimum performance.

It has an advanced GDDR5 Memory Technology which has the highest available memory bandwidth as compared to all the other GPU and the brand is very proud of it for its unmatched GPU performance.

It also has an AMD Eyefinity Technology which enables the GPU to run multiple displays from a single graphics board and helps the gamers to expand their gaming field.

It provides a noiseless environment to the gamers and also a reduced power consumption is the best feature provided by the Red Devil RX 580.

The cooler provided in the GPU provides a temperature of less than 60-degree Celsius in the system

Features of PowerColor Red Devil RX 580

  • It has the onboard memory of 8GB
  • It consists of a stream processor of 2304 units
  • The engine clock speed can go up to 1380MHz with the boost
  • It has a 256-bit memory interface
  • It has a DL DVI and HDMI ports
  • It provides 12 DirectX support


  • 8GB GDDR5 VRAM which provides more headroom for higher quality visuals in 1080p gaming, and even 1440p gaming.
  • It can be very quiet and maintains a cooler temperature.
  • Red Devil back plate looks great


  • Fans can be a bit noisy when they operate at full capacity

XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition

This graphics card provides its users with all the future-ready technologies that give them an optimized gaming performance without any lag.

This Radeon RX 500 series has many features because of its Polaris architecture. It also consists of GCN graphics cores that enables a great graphics to the user.

If you are someone who indulges themselves in good quality gaming then you should choose this RX 580 to fulfill your dream of playing an AAA gaming title at 1080p resolutions.

It has amazing 2304 stream processors which allow it to perform various tasks at ease and also has a 1386 MHz clock speed.

It uses PCI Express 3.0 and also has an HDMI Port for outputs now we can look at some more features it has in store for the users

Features of XFX RX 580 GTS Black Edition

  • It has an onboard memory of 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5
  • It has a core Clock speed of 1405 MHz (OC+ Capable Clock)
  • It consists of 1386 MHz (XFX True Clock)
  • It has 1 x DL-DVI-D 1 x HDMI 2.0b 3 x DisplayPort 1.4 ports for output
  • It has the 2304 Stream Processors
  • It used the PCI Express 3.0


  • Works well with 1080p resolution gaming titles
  • Provides a silent environment to its gamers
  • Consists of HDMI ports for better outputs
  • It has a 2304 units stream processor


  • Power consumption can be more compared to other RX 580

These were the top 6 RX 580 graphics cards that you can check out this year for your gaming rig.

All of these cards provide a great value for their money so it is recommended to go through the buying guide that will be discussed to make sure the graphics card matches your requirement and you make a smart choice.

You can refer the buying guide and the Frequently Asked Questions to get a clear idea on choosing the best graphics card for your requirement:

Buying Guide for the best AMD RX 580 graphics cards

RX580 is specifically known for its stellar performance in providing the gamers to play 1080p gaming titles without any lag and also provide them with great immersive gaming experience.

This buying guide might help you to find the best RX580 graphics card that will cater to all your gaming needs and with the right information, you will be able to make a smarter choice while buying the graphics card for your gaming rig.

There are various factors that distinguish between the various RX 580 available in the market are mentioned below:

The best performing RX580

With the plethora of RX580 available, it can be really confusing to find the best performing one but it is not impossible you can simply select the graphics card with the best factory overclock done.

If you could just find the graphics card with the best factory settings which do not require your tweaking then you should probably buy it.

If you get your hands on the best settings then you will be sure that you have got the best RX580 for your gaming purposes.

Best cooling feature

Increased temperature can damage most of your components and the same goes with the graphics card too you need to find a GPU that does not heat up.

You also need to find an RX580 that does not make a lot of noise during the operation of gaming because the noise can be annoying and you would not want a constant whining while you are playing your favorite game.

You can look for DUAL X fans that can give you the necessary amount of heat dissipation and also a quieter environment for gaming.

Best low profile build

You do not want your graphics card to be too large to it in your case so you have to go for the ones with a smaller form factor.

For builds such as Mini-ITX, it will be difficult to fit in your larger GPU and this can be a major advantage.

So, while you choose the graphics card you also need to make sure you select the one with a sleek design and can fit in your PC case properly.

Ample onboard storage

You should be able to find the onboard storage in the specification of the graphics card and you should make sure it is above 4GB because only then you will be able to play high-resolution games without any lag.

You can also buy an 8GB graphics card according to your requirement but you need to first find out the onboard storage required for you to play your games.

A budget-friendly GPU

You might have a certain budget for your gaming rig and you do not want to put all your money for getting a decent graphics card.

You should first figure out your needs and then buy the graphics card which is packed with the necessary features and is also cost-effective.

These were some of the aspects that you should concentrate one while trying to buy the graphics card for your gaming needs.

Keeping these points in mind will help you to find the best 580 graphics card that you are looking for in no time.

Common terms used in graphics card specification

Clock speed

 It is the clock speed of the core graphics chip and is responsible for providing you the necessary performance, the more the clock speed the better performance you will get


The longest part of the GPU is considered against the space available in your PC case.


It is the total amount of RAM dedicated to your graphics, the higher the RAM the better the card will be at managing the high-resolution textures and VR for the immersive gaming experience. Most of the cards that will be mentioned use GDDR5, which is industry standard, but some higher-end cards may use the faster HBM2 or GDDR5X standards.


This is the one of the important considerations when you buy a graphic card.

All the AMD RX 580s almost provide the two Display Port, two HDMI cables and one DVI-D.

When you tend to connect two monitors then you should be fine with either the Display Port or the HDMI set.

If you need to connect with multiple monitor setups, not all the graphic cards support that number of displays.

In that case, you will need to double check the specification of the graphic card whether will it support as many monitors as you want to connect.


This is one of the important aspects regarding the performance. Overclocking generally raising the base clock speed which improves the performance of the GPU.

As mentioned above, you come to know most of the RX 580 graphic cards comes with factory overclocking.

Generally, manufacturers will balance the overclocking based on the user’s comfort in terms of fan noise and temperatures.

If you manage with excellent airflow and heat dispersion in your tower, then you would feel the better performance.


This is also one of the notable factors to consider. You should know whether the graphic card would fit for the tower you have.

Most of the graphic cards should fine with majority of the towers. You should make sure that you have enough space in your tower to accompany the bigger version of RX 580 if you buy.


The Random-Access Memory in your GPU is more important for high performance gaming which uses huge amount of data to represent the images.

If you tend to connect multiple 4K displays, then you need to go with high RAM.


RAM bandwidth is a notable metric to consider. The faster the RAM, the faster the access capacity.

If you choose the right GPU for your needs, you will get the right RAM in it.


Budget is the key aspect from the user end. In case you use the budget processor, then you need to spend an affordable graphic card instead of expensive one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMD Radeon RX 580 good for gaming? Yes, it is good for gaming because it the best graphics card available for PC gaming, and the AMD Radeon RX 580 is designed to give high-performance both for streaming and gaming, You can play gaming titles with the 1080p without any lag with this amazing graphics card.

Do I need to change the PSU if I buy a new graphics card? It completely depends on the graphics card and the power requirements of it if you already have a 400W PSU then you need not worry. You can still check the specifications provided by the manufacturer in case you have any doubts regarding that.

Does the motherboard with DDR3/DDR4 RAM support the GDDR5 graphics card? Since the VRAM is integrated into the graphics card itself you need not worry about the RAM at all. They are completely different from each other and does not affect performance.

What power supply do I choose for RX 580? You really need to get a minimum of 500 W. If you get more powerful than this, it will help when you plan to upgrade your PC.

What I need to do if I want to run multiple graphic cards? If you want more than one GPU in your PC to improve the performance by rendering of graphics, you will need to select the right cards and the right motherboard. The technology used for this is called AMD Crossfire.

What is the distinction between 4 GB and 8 GB versions? There is an important difference available between 4 GB and 8GB versions. When you have 1440 p display with VR headset, then the 8 GB RX 580 give the immersive feeling to the gamer.

If you want 1080p gaming experience, then the 4 GB RX 580 will give a surprisingly good performance. In addition to that, 4 GB version is so affordable.

The bottom line 

Now that you know the various benefits of the RX580 graphics card you can give it a try and integrate it into your gaming unit.

Since most of the RX580 does not differ in performance you can choose from the top 6 graphic cards suggested to you and make the most out of your gaming rig.

Most of the gaming enthusiasts love a game with great graphics and would want to build a gaming rig that fulfills their wish of lag-free gaming.

The RX580 is the best graphics card available for all the gamers out there because it is best in terms of performance, efficiency, and providing high-quality graphics for an immersive gaming experience.

You can now find out the required specification and start building your gaming rig with your choicest components which will give you the performance you always wanted.

You can buy the graphics cards under $300 online too and read through this upost of our’s for more information.

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